She’s back! After a hiatus to film the Peacock drama ‘Tiger King’, Kate McKinnon made her long awaited return to ‘SNL.’

Kate McKinnon has been missed on season 47 of Saturday Night Live! The 37-year-old comedian finally made her debut mid-way through, popping in on the Billie Eilish hosted episode which aired on Saturday, Dec. 11. The pair did several sketches together, including one where an elderly Kate, playing a neighbor to teenage Billie, flashed her through a window.

It all started when the “bad guy” singer spotted her neighbor (Kate) eating Christmas dinner solo. In an act of kindness, Billie asked if she would like to come over for dinner via a handwritten note she held up to the window. Kate appeared to be into the idea as things took a bizarre twist — which included her sharing political views and more. After Kate said her family was “dead” she further clarified, all via handwritten note, they were metaphorically “dead” to after voting for a “woman president.”

She then asked if any “Black people” would be at Billie’s home, before asking if her son — who she jabbed with a needle could join. As the sketch got weirder and weirder, elderly Kate looked to youthful Billie for some style opinions — including “which dress” to wear. Option one? Come completely nude!

Kate is a staple on SNL, revered for her hilarious impressions — including her take on the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She’s been a staple on the show since making her debut in 2012 during the 37th season, however, took a hiatus due to her role in the upcoming Peacock series inspired by Tiger King. Kate is set to play Carol Baskin on the dramatized version, and SNL showrunner  Lorne Michaels was happy to accommodate her busy schedule.

“There has been an understanding and concessions made that when Kate can help with SNL, she will,” a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about her hiatus back in October. “A part time Kate is better than no Kate at all…[the show] is being as accommodating as possible for this all to work out,” they added, noting everyone “loves Kate.”

Ultimately, Lorne was aware that Kate leaving the show for good would be a massive loss. “SNL that has Kate McKinnon is just a better SNL,” also spilled. “Lorne was really interested in bringing her back because she is such a powerhouse. Right now, she is working very hard to bring her Tiger King project to air as she is playing Carole Baskin and producing the show, so her attention has been focused on making that the best it can possibly be.”

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