International Cat Day: Heartwarming photos show how adopting a feline can change their lives

  • Before and after pics of rescue mogs were collated into a gallery by Bored Panda
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Today marks a significant celebration in the feline lover’s diary: International Cat Day.

The annual day, which takes place on August 8, is marked worldwide and offers people an extra opportunity to bond with their cat friends – as well as advocate for their welfare.

Welfare organisation International Cat Care is the custodian of the day, and uses the extra visibility to impart an important message to the human companions of cats.

The group says: ‘We’re encouraging cat owners to take five minutes a day to play with their cats to improve their physical health and mental wellbeing. Just like dogs need walking every day, cats need daily play to keep them active and happy.’ 

Meanwhile, photos previously collated into a gallery by Bored Panda show how much adopting a homeless cat can transform their lives.

This sweet little kitten looked scared and unkempt, but a little TLC meant the young feline was soon almost unrecognisable!

The images include the best examples from the Before and After Pictures of Adopted Animals subreddit.

From abandoned to poorly felines, their heartbreakingly sad faces are transformed within months to smiles of delight thanks to being re-homed.

The photos, which are sure to touch even the most dog-loving hearts, show how far a bit of love and care can go when it comes to our furry friends.

Here, FEMAIL celebrates some of the best feline transformations on International Cat Day…

After being left in the rain, this kitten almost died of pneumonia, and severe eye infections made the cat, named Stevie Wonder by his new owner, blind

It took just a couple of weeks to transform this scraggly little mog into a sleek feline with plenty of catitude!

After being found as a stray, this tiny kitten was in rough shape, until her new family took her in and helped her become her best self

Living in a storm drain and starving, this senior feline was in such bad condition, she had to have her fur shaved. But she was in top fettle after some much needed love and care

She was found crying in the engine of a car, and it took an hour to get her out. Now named Nori, this lucky cat is barely recognisable!

This stray cat with cancer, now named Chira, was rescued from the streets of Miami – and went onto be adopted by the treating vet

This kitten was found malnourished and covered in scratches, pictured left, before finding a comfortable home, pictured right, with a new owner

This stunning feline (pictured left, before being adopted, and right, afterwards) ‘turned into a stunning supermodel cat’ according to their owner, after reportedly recovering from an allergic reaction

This cat, called Smokey by his new owner, was abandoned by his mother. The left image is of the kitten at three weeks old, while the right shows him at seven-months-old

Cat Ezio was discovered when very poorly with flu, ringworm and was severely underweight, pictured left. Pictured right, the feline when in his new home

Feline Pearl, pictured left, on the day she was discovered, and right, sitting comfortably in her ‘forever home’

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