COVID-19 and the year that was 2020 got lots of people to start thinking about their emergency preparedness plans. For many of us, that means stocking up on canned goods and putting together some basic in case of emergency supplies. For the rich and powerful, it means building a luxury bunker with all the bells and whistles.

A Russian architecture firm has designed what they’re referring to as ‘CyberHouse’. According to CNN, the bunker was inspired by Elon Musk’s Tesla design and costs approximately $850,000.

The bunker’s basic specs are impressive just on their own. It’s 7,500 square feet (that’s more than two tennis courts put together) and is designed to fit 10 people. It’s made with steel and concrete walls, armored windows, metallic blinds and military grade air locked doors, making it absolutely impenetrable. After all, it was designed to survive any and all natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and radio contamination. The architect team behind the building even claims that it could even withstand a zombie apocalypse since the sloped walls cannot be scaled by anyone. There’s also a parking space for Tesla’s cyber truck, which runs almost 20 feet long.

The 3,230 square feet of living space is split into three levels. The main level is the living area, the lower level is the safety bunker and the terrace level is the rooftop and made for growing food.

On the main level, you’ll find five bathrooms (each with their own adjoining bathroom), a kitchen, dining area and a lounge. There is also a large communal bathroom with a decontamination shower in case radiation reaches extreme levels and you need an isolated place to rinse off. This bathroom also has direct access to the outside. Separating the five bedrooms and the bunker’s main level is an atrium.

To get to the bunker’s lower level, you and your cyber truck can ride the built-in platform elevator. This safety bunker level has a secure room full of emergency food like canned goods and freeze dry foods and medical equipment like Insulin, first aid supplies and vaccines, which are estimated to cost more than CyberHouse itself.

Across the way from the secure room is the generator room, which would supply all power in the case of a blackout. The bunker’s normal power comes from both solar panels on the roof and windmills, which are estimated to cost between $1.3 and $2.3 million each. The bunker has three.

In case being in a bunker isn’t secure enough, there’s a whole security room on the lower level as well. There are numerous security cameras along the perimeter of the bunker and the cameras’ footage can be watched on computers and monitors in the security room.

The third floor of the bunker is made up of a terrace for growing fresh vegetables and herbs. Gardening is made easy thanks to the roof’s built-in water filtration system. There is also an air purifying system. The whole roof is made out of Tesla solar panels. For a typical home, a solar paneled roof costs $43,590. The bunker is five times the size of a typical American home, which brings it’s solar paneled roof cost to over $215,000. The roof also slides open, which makes star gazing and tanning nice and convenient even in the midst of a natural disaster.

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CyberHouse is not the only luxury bunker on the market.

There is the ‘Aristocrat’ that you can purchase for a $8.35 million through Rising S Bunkers, a company that specializes in underground bunkers and services. From the outside, the Aristocrat doesn’t look like anything special, but don’t let that fool you. It has bullet-resistant sheet metal walls and doors, a two foot plate dead-bolt locking system, an air filtration system, a solar-generated charging system for back-up power and an infrared security system. According to Forbes, this bunker holds 50 people and is fully equipped with a sauna, gym, media room, bowling alley, gun range, swimming pool and multiple game rooms. There’s also a custom kitchen, a multi-vehicle garage, a greenhouse to grow sustainable food and it’s wired for dual power, which means the bunker can run “off the grid” if necessary.

For $4.2 million ‘The Presidential Bunker’ offers five individual bunkers, nine private bedrooms, ten bunk beds and eight sleeper sofas. At 6,000 square feet ‘The Ultra’ has six bedrooms, two kitchens, two master bedrooms, a gym, a shooting range, and a greenhouse.

According to New York Post, Vivos xPoint, the self-proclaimed “largest survival community on Earth”, saw a 600% increase in sales in 2020. Emergency survival living situations have become very in demand and, while few can afford the luxury ones, affordable options are becoming more and more common and may become our norm sooner than we think.

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