Inside Wayne and Coleen Rooney’s £20M home: Wagatha Christie doc shows off ‘posh yet practical’ interiors of ‘Morrisons’ mansion, including luxe £100,000 staircase, £20,000 kitchen island – and £7 plastic baskets for boys’ socks

  • The Real Wagatha Story on Disney+ sees Coleen and Wayne Rooney discussing the trial from their £20million Cheshire mansion 
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The Rooneys’ £20million Cheshire home gets a starring role in the couple’s new Disney+ bombshell documentary.

As Coleen and Wayne discuss the explosive Wagatha Christie trial – in which she accused Rebekah Vardy of leaking details of her life to The Sun newspaper – viewers also get to glimpse the vast home the couple share with their four sons – Kai, 13, Klay, ten, Kit, seven, and Cass, five.

The Rooneys, who grew up in Liverpool’s working class Croxteth area, moved into their luxe lavish mansion in 2022 after spending years building their forever home.

As the bricks were laid, critics dubbed it the ‘Morrisons mansion’, saying the home looked like a sprawling supermarket. 

Much of the action in the three-part documentary series released this week sees the couple speaking – as the Beckhams did in their recent Netflix series – from the comfort of their own couches. 

Chez Rooney: The interiors of couple’s forever home (pictured), which they completed last year at a cost of around £20million, have been on screen in The Real Wagatha Story on Disney+

Coleen (pictured) and Wayne – just like the Beckhams did in their Netflix special – are seen discussing the Wagatha Christie trial from the comfort of their Cheshire home, with the couple’s lavish interiors taking a starring role in the three-parter

While the mulkti-million pound home with extended grounds boasts a stables, cinema and outdoor spa – the show offers insight into the couple’s interior style. 

Aesthetic highlights include a gleaming white marble island, with underlighting that steals the show in the kitchen, occasional antique pieces amongst the muted minimalist rooms and a surprisingly practical side – school uniforms are arranged on humble clothes rails.

Interiors expert Benji Lewis told MailOnline the home is an interiors success – but says it may yet evolve.

‘I love the fact that they’ve given so much thought to the architecture; interiors-wise choices have been kept very safe, I wonder if they’re still settling in, the bareness to the rooms and lack of artwork suggests they’re finding their feet with their home.’ 

Here, MailOnline looks at some of the interiors on show… 

‘Quiet luxury’ kitchen with £20,000 marble island and £10,000 dining set

Unlike the Beckham’s Soho Farmhouse ‘chic and cosy clutter’ vibes, the Rooneys’ enourmous kitchen area adheres much more to the ‘quiet luxury’ trend seen in the home of another celebrity couple, Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan.

The couple’s island in the kitchen is a vision of understated luxury – with an impressively thick surface stone and a strip of lighting around the island’s edge – the cost? Around £20,000 for the island alone. (Pictured: Coleen with two of her sons, Cass and Kit)

Towards the dining room, an impressive pendant prism chandelier fills the space between island and table – and would likely have set the couple back around £1,000 

While the Beckhams have gone for Soho Farmhouse vibes in their Cotswolds home, it seems the Rooneys are more fans of the ‘quiet luxury’ trend

An integrated American style fridge is also spotted in one scene in episode three, which carries a price tag of around £8,000. Pictured: the couple’s youngest son Cass eyes up the fridge

There’s an impressive white marble island with strip lighting in the kitchen, with a surface stone so thick that there’s likely not much change from £20,000 for the standalone piece. 

Four white leather stools line one side of the island, with a likely value of around £2000 for the quartet.   

A dramatic prismatic light bridges the gap between the island and the dining table – and might set you back around £1000 – while the 10-person dining table could carry a price tag of £10,000. 

Practical! £7 grey plastic baskets and £50 clothes racks for the Rooney boys’ uniform 

Episode three of the documentary series sees Coleen showing she hasn’t forgotten her working class roots in spite of the huge financial success both her and Wayne have enjoyed in their respective careers. 

The mum-of-four shows off rails of neatly laid-out school uniforms for her youngest sons and three large plastic baskets underneath them for school and football socks. 

The property might now be worth in excess of £20million but this modest wardrobe set-up is unlikely to cost more than around £100 all in, with clothes rails costing around £50 and Curver grey plastic baskets around £7 each.   

Coleen shows how she keeps track of her boys’ school uniforms using an old fashioned clothes rail, which retail at anywhere between £25 and £100

And three Curver washing baskets – around £7 each – are perfect for the boys’ socks

Luxe hello: Bespoke £60,000 staircase, £8,000 white stone fireplace and £2,000 Art Deco mirror    

Making an entrance: The Rooneys entrance hall boasts a bespoke painted cast-iron stair case – likely to cost between £50,000 and £100,000, with Crittall windows – a pricey £2,700 per square metre – letting light pour in (Pictured: Coleen with sons Cass and Kit)

A opulent Art Deco fireplace and matching over-sized mirror is likely to have cost around £10,000 for both

Opening the front door on the Rooney home sees guests greeted with a vision of light, pouring in through Crittal-style windows – which aren’t cheap at around £2,700 per square metre – and the light tones continue. 

There’s a white stone fireplace and Art Deco style mirror above it – costing the wrong side of £5,000 for both. 

The real show-stealer though is the bespoke central staircase, which is likely to have cost anywhere between around £50,000 and £100,000.  

Lauren Zeng, a furniture expert for Homary, says the landing is all about literally making a dramatic entrance. 

Says Zeng: ‘Coleen has really taken the luxe-look and grandeur of hotels into her own space to ensure she sets the tone straight away in the home’s entrance. 

The entrance hall keeps the white minimalist look that is a theme through the whole house (Pictured: Rooney with his two youngest sons, Cass and Kit)

‘The Rooneys’ huge double staircase is supported with a stunning chandelier, a grand white fireplace, and an oversized mirror. The light spills in from the floor to ceiling windows but warm glow lighting, candles and accessories helps to keep things inviting. 

‘Abstract and sculptural styles of entryway benches are emerging as the stand out trend to add modern luxury to interior hallways spaces.’ 

And Benji Lewis agrees it’s a good look: ‘A fireplace at the foot of a stairwell is a very glam look, with the built in mirror above exaggerating the sense of space – it’d be nice to think rather than just being for show however the fire gets lit.’ 

Living areas: Muted walls, a £5,000 antique cabinet and £2,000 two-seater sofa 

High ceilings abound in the Rooneys’ living space and the decor is sparse, with just one or two pieces. 

In a scene from episode three, Wayne is seen talking to camera one of the living rooms that boasts just a sofa and one piece of furniture. 

An antique cabinet like the one seen behind the Birmingham manager’s left shoulder might fetch around £5,000 while a linen fabric sofa would retail at around £2,000. 

In another scene, Coleen is perched in front of her laptop, in a room with expensive-looking patterned wallpaper and on-trend herringbone wooden floors.   

Muted: An antique cabinet like the one seen behind the Birmingham manager’s left shoulder might fetch around £5,000 while a linen fabric sofa would retail at around £2,000 

Two white-wash vases – perfect for a neutral tone setting – might retail at around £300 for the pair

There’s character in the office area, with patterned wallpaper and dark wood herringbone floors. A luxury globe, reflecting the couple’s travels, might cost around £150 

Star-gazing: A professional style telescope such as this one might cost several thousand pounds

Ceiling lights are rarely on, with the couple preferring uplighting from lamps and candles

Continuing the theme of learning, alongside the globe, there’s also a professional-looking telescope in one of the rooms. Such impressive star-gazing equipment generally costs several thousand pounds. 

Lewis comments: ‘By combining the odd antique there’s a suggestion that the Rooneys might like to inject character into the home whilst the telescope indicates an interest in star-gazing out through the big windows.’ 

While light floods in, artificial lights are kept to a minimum – a conscious choice says Lewis. 

‘There’s a suggestion in the documentary that overhead lighting isn’t their thing and I can largely see why; rooms like this need to feel homely and by using side lighting and candles in storm lanterns there’s a welcoming glow to the spaces.’ 

Crittall-style windows: Let the light in…but cost £2,700 per square metre 

Interiors expert Lewis is also a fan of the Crittall-style windows, saying they set the tone for the entire house, and let light flood the rooms. 

Coleen Rooney is seen through the windows of her Cheshire home. Interiors expert Benji Lewis said the windows say a lot about the property – suggesting the couple have chosen a ‘traditional’ approach for the ‘bones of their home

Luxury roman blinds – which retail at around £500 to cover windows this size – ensure privacy too

Floor to ceiling Crittall ensures as much light as possible fills the Rooneys’ home

‘Painting the windows white keeps the look simple, traditional and chic’, says Lewis

He told MailOnline: ‘Those big Georgian style sash windows, tall ceilings and dado rails suggest the Rooneys have adopted a traditional approach for the bones of their home.

‘Windows like that are terrifically smart and brilliant for allowing plenty of light into a room. Painting the windows white keeps the look simple, traditional and chic.’

And the roman blinds – around £500 per window for a bespoke option – are a sound choice too, says Lewis.   

‘By using roman blinds to dress the windows they’re keeping the look neat and linear, whilst providing least interference for light to get in.

‘That said they’re not concerned about privacy, there are no sheers or curtains to keep out prying lenses.

‘Finishing the roman blinds with a contrast trim to the edges shows that thought’s been given to the decor.’

For the kids: £200 mini kids kitchens, cosy cushions – and plenty of practical storage

Two mini kitchens – likely a favourite with Cass, the couple’s youngest son – are seen. Pictured: Kai Rooney is spotted looking at his phone in episode three of the documentary

Cosy cushions abound in the living areas – pictured: Wayne Rooney with youngest son Cass

Bespoke shelving, around £2,000 per shelf – helps to keep the paraphernalia of family life, including photos and artwork, looking neat

While there’s plenty of inspiration apparently taken from some of the glitzy five-star hotels the couple have stayed in, it’s clear the Rooneys’ home is also functional and family-minded. 

There’s a mini kitchen area – with soft comfy chairs around it in one room – clearly a favourite with the couple’s youngest son Cass. 

And storage is also important. Practical, block-style shelves help house some of the Rooney boys toys. 

Says Lewis: ‘Open shelving is a good and homely way of showcasing personal effects – to include a few framed family photos – but needs maintenance to prevent things looking messy.’

He adds: ‘I should think that they had the shelving customised, by not taking it too high they’re ensuring that everything is reachable, and the spacing on the shelving looks tailored to accommodate the things they wish to show off.’

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