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An influencer has taken to TikTok to share things "fat people" apparently hate.

Diggy B, who goes by the username @therealdiggyb on the social media site regularly entertains fans with her amusing videos.

And in one of her latest clips, she decided to tell her fans what "fat people" hate.

Diggy said the list relates specifically to her, but she claims they probably annoy other "fat people" too.

The number on thing on her list was carnivals.

Diggy explained: "They're so fun… cool, awesome. Please don't invite me to them.

"Or fairs, carnivals, fairs… whatever."

"Don't invite me with the intention of going on rides with you because… no."

She continued: "As a fat person, my biggest fear is going up on a ride and they latch me in and the bar doesn't go down and I'm sitting there like 'Well this is embarrassing…'

"And I've gotta do that weird walk and everyone's gonna be like 'Oh no, the fat girl couldn't fit on there.'

"No, never going to have that happen. Could never be me."

Diggy said if she does go to a fair, she'll just play the games or be a photographer for other people.

She also said the fair is dangerous for her due to all the "sweet and greasy food", adding: "Don't be mad at me when I order the whole menu."

Giving her second thing she despises, Diggy said it would have to be towels.

She commented: "Being a big-bodied woman, towels are insulting.

"I have to use a beach towel and I don't wanna hear none of the 'beached whale' jokes.

"Towels are so insulting, especially in hotels or I'm going swimming. Make them big enough."

Third on her list was going out to eat.

"If we're going out to eat and they say 'Table or booth?'… table. If you're with me, always pick table," she said.

"Once I walk up and I see that booth, it's like a mental struggle where I'm like, 'This is gonna be embarrassing if I can't fit in here, and please do not make me sit on the inside.

"If I have to suck it in, my rolls and my tatas are going to be on top of the table and it's going to be a very uncomfortable experience.

"Please think of your fat friends when you're going out to eat."

The open and frank post racked up 2,000 likes from TikTok users, as well as tons of comments.

One told her: "I'm 5ft 7 and I totally use beach towels."

While another added: "I only go to the fair to eat."

A third simple said: "Preach girl!"

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