A pregnant woman admitted she's having a 'hot mum summer' so hasn't stopped wearing mini skirts and crop tops.

Salem Rose is ready to pop – but that doesn't mean she has to hide her gorgeous figure.

The mum-to-be often posts scantily-clad clips to TikTok with her big bump on show.

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And she is certainly not short of attention from men.

In a clip which racked up thousands of views, Salem rocked an extreme crop top that seductively let her bra poke through.

The pregnant beauty paired this with a matching white mini skirt that exposed her baby bump.

Salem kept her hands behind her back as she lightly hopped up and down making her boobs jiggle.

The soon-to-be parent filmed her sexy display to an audio that said: "Make it pop."

She cheekily used the hashtag 'hot mum summer' in the caption.

Often, many women strive to have a 'hot girl summer'.

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion penned the term 'hot girl summer' to motivate women to have confidence, and enjoy the hot months of the year.

So Salem is definitely not missing out on all the enjoyment.

In awe at pregnant Salem, many people fled to the comments to gush over the soon-to-be mum.

One person commented: "Why are pregnant woman so hot?"

Another user added: "It's odd that I find this attractive but I don't want kids."

While a third voiced: "Gorgeous."

Someone else shared: "You look amazing."

Meanwhile, a fifth explained: "So damn sexy."

Elsewhere, a hot mum revealed she likes to take off her clothes while she does the household chores.

Well, it it motivated you to get the Marigold's out then why not!

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