Being cheated on is one of the worst thing to happen to someone in a relationship.

But according to a self-declared "affair recovery" expert, most cheaters actually regret the decision. Rece, who posts online under the username @rece_affair_recorvery, has learned through experience and research about life after someone cheats.

She claims to have spoken to many people who have left relationships for their affair partners and almost every single one of them regretted it. So, she took to social media warning people who are thinking of leaving their partners for a fling to think twice as "feelings fade".

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In the video, which has gained more than 1,600 likes, she explained: "As a recovery page, I get a lot of messages from people who left their partners and started a relationship with their affair partners, and multiple of them tell me that they regretted it.

"Now, I know that I go off a lot of my own experiences and research that I've done, but I also use your messages to me – obviously, when I get them approved. You need to understand that multiple people have told me that not only did they leave their first original marriage, started a relationship with their AP, only to realize that the things that I am saying is 100% true.

"But they didn't know me. They didn't see any of this. They didn't have any warning. They just thought that they had met the love of their life, their soul mate. So, they go and chase after it, when really it was just feelings and emotions and limerence.

"Later on down the road, they realized that this person is not better than their original husband. There's major problems with everybody and feelings fade. Heed my warning."

TikTok users took to the comments claiming they had the same experience. One user wrote: "Yes I'm one of them. You're so right."

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Another added: "I wish mine had because the biggest struggles we are encountering is that he’s trying to turn me into her. It’s causing more resentment than the affair."

A third commented: "This is my current situation. My ex says she is so understanding and different. It’s like he is re creating our life but with someone 15 years younger."

However, there were some people who argued that it can sometimes work out for people who have an affair. A user argued: "And yet…my ex husband married his mistress." Another said: "Sometimes it works out."

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