A curvy Barbie fanatic has revealed that she is often slated with comments about her appearance – but refuses to bat an eyelid over her haters.

Alyssa Marie Anderson endured years of poor body image before she chose to accept her appearance and celebrate her curves in pastel colors.

The 31-year-old has had it with hiding in dark clothes and has chosen to put her own twist on the Barbiecore trend by becoming a “plus-size” version of the doll.

Interest in Barbie has spiked to new heights in recent months, spurring worldwide interest in hot and pastel pinks among fashionistas like Alyssa.

The body positivity advocate, who has modeled a great portion of her wardrobe around the famous character, now frequently dresses in baby pink from head to toe.

“For me, being a plus-sized girl, Barbie was that beacon of beauty,” she told The Sun. “Everyone wanted to be just like Barbie.”

Dressing like the fictitious character is Alyssa’s way of hitting back at unrealistic beauty standards and inspiring other women to become their authentic selves. 

“Pink is the number one color for me,” She said. “My number one love. I have always loved being super girly and feminine.

She continued: “I always loved the color. I existed in a world where I wore so many boring clothes. Now I wear what I want. I challenge myself to wear the things I wouldn’t have worn 10 years ago.”

“I still have a brain, I’m successful – I just look good doing it.”

Alyssa says she discovered the true meaning of self-love with the help of her 35-year-old husband Shay, who has always known he wanted to be with a curvier woman.

“He said I’m 100 percent the body type he’s always known he wanted. Some people like bigger bodies,” said Alyssa, proclaiming: “I loved being girly and I loved being bada**. I’m a plus-sized Barbie.” 

Since becoming her authentic self, Alyssa feels completely at ease in her in baby pink garments and is frequently flooded with compliments about her looks.

“I get so many compliments now that I have embraced who I am,” she said. “It’s never too late to love yourself, everyone can be Barbie.”

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