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    An adult content creator has sparked controversy after she bragged to be the "favourite mum" in school.

    Lucy Banks, from Australia, went viral last month when she posted a cheeky video to promote her saucy account.

    But the clip has caused outrage and an onslaught of hateful comments from viewers.

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    It showed the petite brunette sitting in her car smiling as she put up a statement, saying: "Guess why I'm the favourite mum among the school dads."

    She put her hand on her head and glanced at the phone.

    "No seriously, guess," Lucy wrote in captions.

    One viewer fumed: "Imagine bragging about choosing a school to homewreck with little kids' dads. What the hell? Devoid of morals and compassion."

    "Homewrecking isn't a pretty look and neither is profiting off sexualising mothers," a second wrote.

    And a third added: "Not a flex. Hope your kid's dad breaks up with you and take the kids."

    "I do OnlyFans too so no hate but on your car? Come on…" a fourth reminded.

    The Perth-based personality responded: "The video wasn't meant to be serious; I'm simply a content creator aiming for views. It's astonishing how a simple caption can elicit thousands of comments.

    "Coincidentally, when the comments started flooding in, I was unexpectedly hospitalised for an unrelated matter.

    "It was an incredibly distressing experience to be in the hospital, trying to communicate with my family while simultaneously viewing a constant stream of notifications filled with hurtful messages questioning my character."

    Unbowed, Lucy plans to continue creating content that resonates with her audience while promoting positivity, self-empowerment and resilience.

    "This incident highlights the pervasive issue of online bullying and the detrimental impact it can have on people’s mental well-being," she added.

    "But, as the saying goes, their bitter behavior says more about them than it does about me."

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