A self-proclaimed 'hot' mum has spent more than £500 on sexy Halloween outfits.

Cherry Bloom refuses to let her age or parenthood get in the way of her festive celebrations. She loves any excuse to flaunt her figure too!

The 41-year-old, from Scotland, feels empowered by showing off her figure. So it comes as no surprise that she's going out for spooky season – and there's nothing scary about her costumes.

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The brunette has at least 20 daring outfits she likes to pull out this time of year – and she's raring to get her kit off again this October as it's high season for her saucy career.

Cherry, who flogs sexy snaps alongside her NHS cleaning job, has swapped her conservative work wardrobe for fish nets and latex galore.

She exclusively told Daily Star: "I’ve got at least 20 costumes, over 20. I mix and match a lot of things as well with the masks and dress up as something else. I’ve got too many costumes so I can’t really pick what I'm going to wear.

"I haven’t properly started doing my Halloween stuff but I’m going to start once my kids go back after half term as this is the time where I’m 'mum' so I can’t really do much.

"When they’re at school I’ll be doing my content and doing my dressing up. So I’ve got some different things just to try out and try on to see what works and doesn’t work.

"Some things look good on you, some things don’t! If they do look great, just try it and hopefully you’ll get likes for it.

"I’ve got a few cat costumes, I’ve got a cheerleader – I need to get pom poms for them. I’ve got a Wonder Woman – so many. I’ve got a red bodysuit that’s see-through with some devil ears to go with it so things like that you can mix and match."

Cherry explained often makes the most money through her sultry content pegged on seasonal occasions. She's spent hundreds on the likes of Ann Summers and Shein on her suggestive spooky season clobber – but makes the money back quickly.

Last Halloween, she made £2,000 from her devilish snaps – and hopes to make the same, if not more, this year.

"I’ve spent close to £500," Cherry said in regards to Halloween costumes. "Maybe over because you keep adding wee things to go with it, with the stockings and wee headbands and all the wee accessories, so it adds up.

"It’s a seasonal thing, along with Valentine's and Christmas. So it definitely picks up more, I noticed when you’re doing more seasonal content it does pick up the money a wee bit, I make my money back no bother.

"I’ve made about £2,000, roughly from the previous Halloween."

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Despite being used to receiving 'comments' and 'looks' about her often low-cut tops and mini dresses, Cherry isn't shying away from dressing up sexily for Halloween – something that is seen as a controversial matter for many women.

It's thought that October 31st is supposed to be for scary costumes only, although many decide use the opportunity to up the sex appeal.

Cherry urges everyone to have fun this Halloween – and not to feel nervous about going all out. She said: "People can dress up in whatever they want it’s Halloween, why be judgemental.

"It’s the one time of year, it’s Halloween, there’s no rule that says 'you’re a certain age, you can’t dress up as that' or 'you’re a certain size, you can’t dress up in that' or 'you’re a parent, you can’t do that' – it’s fun for everybody!

"As long as you’re not hurting anybody and my Halloween outfit will be PG for the kids when I’m taking them out, but other times it’s not and they don’t see that. So why not, you’re not hurting anybody and you’ve got to have a bit of fun yourself.

"Just because you’re an adult it doesn’t mean you don’t get to have fun on Halloween! If it’s scary or sexy – do whatever you want. I hate when people are judgemental."

You can find Cherry on Instagram, here.

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