Ghosts are often seen as something scary (if you don't include Casper).

But Ghost Guide and Medium Rebekah revealed that not all spirits are so ghoulish after all.

The 31-year-old,who lives in Wilmington, US, is able to communicate with ghosts – and even sees them as her 'neighbours'.

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With Wilmington dubbed the 'most haunted' town in southern US, Rebekah is no stranger to having experiences with those in the after-life in her day-to-day goings on.

Since a child, Rebekah felt like she had a strong connection to spirits and had suppressed this at various points in her life.

But she's not turning a blind eye to her unique skillset any more.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Rebekah revealed what life is like being 'friendly' with ghosts – and that 'trust' between both parties is key.

She admitted: "[Seeing ghosts is] just another day in my life, really.

“Sometimes you're having a lemonade on your front porch, a ghost walks by, and you have a conversation.

“Just like any of the other neighbours really."

Rebekah recalled that her pull to the spirit world is particularly strong in Wilmington and often sees ghosts she can chat to on the daily.

“Wilmington is one of the most spiritually active cities I've ever lived in", she claimed.

"This guy [ghost] was walking to the river, doing something he did when he was alive.

“I asked him if he was okay with his after-life, he said he was, I wished him well and he went on his way.

“Some folks think everyone has to 'move on'. I'm of the understanding that 'moving on' can look different depending on who you're talking to and what they want.

“For him, he wanted to go to the river to get water. I figured that's what was right for him."

But, not everyone sees ghosts in the same way.

Rebekah shared that people can have a different 'perception' of ghosts – and it can differ depending what mood the spirit is in.

“It's important to understand that ‘seeing’ ghosts is only a part of ‘perceiving’ ghosts", the Ghost Guide explained.

“Some people physically feel spiritual activity. Some people hear it. Some smell phantom smells. Some people just know it's there even if they don't know who or what it is.

"All of these are perfectly valid forms of perceiving spiritual activity.

“It varies according to how aware they are of themselves.

She continued: “How I perceive them can be a variety of ways. Sometimes it's a picture in my head (that I work to verify with others that have seen them).

“Sometimes It's a shadow in the corner of my vision that tips me off.

“Other times is a temperature shift or just a knowing that I'm not alone. And then there are words here and there."

Apparently, it all depends on how the ghost is feeling too.

“Think of it like this – on a day where you're feeling awesome, people may see you as more attractive. It's a mental thing", Rebekah said.

“So, if someone is newly connected to their passing, they may look injured or sickly.

“If they've found peace with what's happened (or sometimes they don't know) they may look just fine or even better than they did when they were alive."

Despite Rebekah seeing ghosts regularly, not all of them are so quick to open up to her about how their life came to an end.

“How would you feel telling a stranger about a painful death that took you away from being able to hold your friends and family?" she questioned.

"Sometimes it has taken me months of friendship for these spirits to want to share such details with me.

“It shows trust when they otherwise didn't want to talk about it and then decided to share it.

“But of course, you'll also get those who passed away and are just fine telling you how it happened."

You can follow Rebekah on TikTok here.


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