I’m 63 and I’m determined to have a baby with my 26-year-old husband even though trolls say we’re delusional

  • Cheryl, 63, and Quran McCain, 26 from Georgia were let down by a surrogate
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A couple who have caused controversy with their age-gap relationshp are defying critics in their quest to start a family together.  

Cheryl McCain, 63, from Rome, Georgia, married Quran McCain, who at 26 is 37 years her junior in 2021 after meeting at work, and are regularly trolled over their 37-year age gap and branded ‘delusional’ over their desire for a baby. 

The controversial duo announced the start of their surrogacy journey last year, but in May told fans that the woman called it quits and that she also ‘breached their contract’ by having unprotected sex with her partner during the process.

But despite their struggles, the couple have insisted in their recent TikTok videos, shared with their 4 million followers, that they are still determined to have children.

Cheryl, 63, and Quran McCain, 26, from Georgia, – who tied the knot in 2021 despite getting trolled for their 37-year-age gap – have been documented their struggle to start a family 

Quran said: ‘At the moment it does feel like people are reaching out to us for the wrong reasons. 

‘We’re completely broke. We don’t get paid for our content. And then the surrogate goes and bleeds us dry’.

An enraged Quran claimed the pair had even expensed the unnamed surrogate’s food and travel – and contributed to her Christmas funds.

He was just 15 years old when he met his future wife – while they were working at the fast food chain Dairy Queen. 

Cheryl, who already has seven children from a previous relationship and 17 grandchildren, said the pair ‘feel they deserve children of their own’.

‘We prefer surrogacy, however, we have seen a lot of people embroiled in legal complications far after the child is born,’ Quran said.

The controversial duo announced the start of their surrogacy journey last year but told fans that the woman called it quits and ‘breached their contract’ by having unprotected sex while her egg fertilised

‘We are looking for a nice surrogate who is willing to sign a contract to have nothing to do with the child after its born’.

Unfortunately, Quran’s fears have materialised. He previously told Jam Press: ‘We don’t want people trying to have a baby for us for financial gain, we are not that financially inclined ourselves.

Both of Cheryl’s daughters have had to undergo hysterectomies or the couple would have used them to carry their much-awaited ‘lovechild’.

The pair have also set up an Only Fans account for subscribers to get access to their saucier content. 

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