A STUDENT claims she was left looking like she had been "punched in the face" after botched lip filler.

Ellie Gallear won the cosmetic treatment in a beauty salon's £10 raffle on Facebook.

Having seen her friends undergo the procedure in the past, the 22-year-old thought she'd give it a go herself.

But just hours afterwards, Ellie allegedly noticed her lips begin to swell and feel "quite hot".

She claims she woke up the next morning with a severe allergic reaction – with her lips so inflamed she was "worried they would burst".

Ellie, from Staffordshire, said: "All of my friends have had them done, no problem; they always look gorgeous and plumpy.


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"But I instantly knew something wasn’t right when I got home.

"My lips were huge. They were so red hot and so painful.

"I thought, 'This isn't right'."

Ellie quickly phoned the salon and was advised to take an antihistamine, but she remained in significant pain.

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She was also horrified to discover that the beautician used 1.7ml of filler – well above the 1ml standard.

"I completely freaked out," the student added.

"At this point I thought my lips were going to burst. I was so worried."

Ellie waited a week in the hope the swelling would eventually go down by itself.

But nothing changed, and she was told to get her filler dissolved – a process which involves having injections to break down the acid and get the body to reabsorb it.

Ellie said: "My partner kept telling me how bad it was and said I looked like I had been punched in the mouth.

"A lot of my family thought the same."

Three months later and Ellie is still sporting a swollen lip. She hopes her mistake will serve as a warning to others.

She has also decided not to have any further needles near her face, instead letting her filler dissolve naturally, which can take 12 months.

"I'm just too scared for anybody to touch my lips again," Ellie said.

"I literally don't trust anybody to go near them."

Speaking directly to anyone considering adding volume to their lips, she added: "Just do your research.

"Don't go to anybody thinking that it'll be okay because I for one can assure you it won't.

"Turns out doing something to make you feel good actually makes you feel worse.


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"I’m all for anybody’s lips to look nice, just make sure you go to someone who’s good at it.

"As soon as mine are properly dissolved, I will never, ever touch anything filler-based again."

The risks of getting lip filler

AS with any procedure, getting lip filler comes with a set of health risks.

These vary depending on whether the procedure is done correctly and the type of filler used.

Always make sure to speak to your practitioner about the potential complications associated with the filler they are using.

Serious problems are rare but can include:

  • Infection
  • A lumpy appearance under the skin, which might need to be treated with surgery or medicine
  • The filler moving away from the intended treatment area, which may need to be removed using surgery
  • Scarring
  • Blocked blood vessels in the face, which can cause tissue death and permanent blindness

If you experience problems post-procedure, contact the clinic where you were treated.

For serious complications that need medical attention, visit your GP or nearest A&E if it's urgent.

You can report side effects through the Yellow Card Scheme.

Source: NHS

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