A curvaceous model has slammed trolls who call her fat by telling them that her "mum belly" and "lunch lady arms" are still "hot".

Steph Oshiri regularly posts on social media, under the username @stephoshirii, about having a huge backside — but still receives hate comments from people about her weight.

However, the 28-year-old OnlyFans model, from Ontario, Canada, refuses to let the haters get her down as she took to social media to hit back at trolls who criticised her for having "diabetic arms".

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In the original video, Steph was seen proudly flaunted 55-inch backside in a pink thong bikini as she declared that the "best part about summer" was that she "finally has an excuse to put on a bathing suit".

She told fans is "looks so cute" as she twirled for the camera, telling fans: "Don't mind the mum tum."

The clip, which has gained more than 4,000 likes, became the target for trolls to criticise her figure as one cruel viewer wrote: "Diabetic arms."

But Steph didn't let them get the better of her as she responded with another video claiming she actually has "lunch lady arms".

In the follow-up video, which gained more than 82,000 likes, she said: "These are not diabetic arms. They're lunch lady arms.

"These are my lunch lady arms. Okay? I feel like they're comforting."

TikTok viewers were quick to take to the comments to show their support for the model as they branded her a "Goddess."

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One user wrote: "Btw, as a big girl who's ALWAYS hated her arms it's so nice to see other girls show their arms fearlessly. Y'all helping me get out of my cardigan."

A second commented: "Lunch lady arms. Well, they are very cute. Yes soft and comforting."

A third added: "I too have lunch lady arms that need to be embraced."

"LUNCH LADY ARM GODDESS!! I have them too,” a fourth penned.


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