A HOMEOWNER who built a privacy fence to stop drivers ruining his home has said his neighbours hate it – but he doesn't care.

Martin Simcock, 62, has lived in his sprawling detached home near the Dingle woods in Appleton, Warrington, Cheshire, for 23 years.

The businessman caused a furore by putting a fence on his driveway in an attempt to stop cars parking up.

Neighbours claimed the land does not belong to Martin and alleged the fence blocked a public right of way.

The Woodland Trust has since removed the fence from the site.

But Martin, the owner of Warrington Fabrications Ltd, revealed there was always a gap for access.

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He said: "I put the fence in place, because people were parking cars there and that was blocking my drive.

"I left a gap, so that dog walkers could get through and even put some hard standing down, so people pushing prams wouldn't get bogged down and could get past.

"I had planters at the base of the fence, but some mindless vandal pulled out the plants and threw them over my fence."

The Warrington Wolves supporter continued: "This has all just happened – I've had CCTV installed and the police have told me to dial 999 if anything else happens.

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"I have no problem whatsoever with people walking down my drive, or along the path at the other end.

"The issue was people driving up and leaving their cars in the area, where I placed the fence.

"It is my drive, but whereas I have tarmac down on around 150 metres on the other side – it's just grass on that side.

"I don't think anyone would like to come home and find a stranger's car on their drive, but I get on well with the neighbours and they all have their own drives and garages to leave their cars in.

"One side had a few planters on it – I placed it there to stop the cars being parked."

Martin explained that his family have lived on the site since 2000 and have only just encountered this issue.

He claimed that someone started stirring things up on social media.

Martin added: "I had a double heart bypass in April 2022, so don't need stress in my life.

"I've always said people can walk along my drive, all day every day – I just don't want cars parked there.

"I get on with all my immediate neighbours and it's definitely none of them making this fuss."

One resident contacted local MPs and Warrington Borough Council.

They told him that the area is not a public right of way, therefore he should contact the Woodland Trust.

The complainant told the Warrington Guardian: "The chap states he is recording via CCTV.

"The use of anti-vandal paint is also alarming as it will damage clothing. He has no right to do this."

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Neighbouring pockets of land are maintained by the Woodland Trust.

A Woodland Trust spokesperson said: "Discussions are ongoing with a neighbour about a fence that was erected on our land."

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