Dads, there’s finally a place for you on holiday where your kids can’t call you ‘cringe’.

More than half (54%) of British teenagers think their dads embarrass them on family holidays, by doing things like telling bad jokes, snoring by the pool and cringeworthy dancing.   

Other offences include wearing socks with sandals (which is arguably ‘cool’ now), complaining loudly, causing frisbee accidents, constantly taking photos, wearing age-inappropriate clothing, being greedy at the buffet, using selfie sticks and getting up early to bag sun loungers.

The study comes via easyJet Holidays, who have today launched the world’s first in-hotel ‘Dad’s Club’.

Dads wanting a go need to holiday in the Spanish hotspot of Benalmádena.

Opening August 24 at Holiday World Polynesia on the Costa del Sol, it’s a ‘safe space’ for dads who don’t want to be judged.

The ‘school of cool’ offers ‘dad dancing’ lessons, frisbee and air guitar tuition, and joke workshops.

Comedian Omid Djalili, who counts himself an ’embarrassing parent’, said: ‘It’s a rite of passage for us Dads to embarrass our kids. It comes with the job.’

Almost a quarter of teens try to get out of a family holiday according to the study, to avoid these cringe-worthy moments.   

The top 20 cringe-worthy dad behaviours, according to the survey

Telling bad jokes  

Dad dancing  

Comparing prices to everything back home   

Complaining loudly  

Trying to make friends with the locals  

Loud conversations with strangers  

Trying to join in with teen slang and getting it wrong  

Falling asleep by the pool and snoring  

Using pet nicknames in front of strangers  

Being greedy at the buffet  

Telling embarrassing anecdotes  

Constantly taking photos  

Wearing socks with sandals  

Wearing his team’s football shirt  

Wearing inappropriate clothes for their age  

Failing to be understood while speaking the local language  

Getting up early to reserve sun loungers  

Showing off in the pool – e.g. cannonballs  

Attempting TikTok memes/dances  

Wearing tiny swimming trunks .

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However, 53% of dads surveyed think they are ‘cool’ on holiday, while 34% admit to purposely humiliating their kids.

Sarah Ockwell-Smith, a parenting expert, said: ‘Holidays are a perfect time to reconnect with teens, but sometimes all the extra time spent together can cause friction.

‘Not to mention the excitement and freedom of holiday-mode causing some pretty cringey (according to the kids) behaviour, which can lead to embarrassment.

‘Disco dancing, air guitar and socks and sandals? Definite trigger points.’  

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