A partner will pretend to be happy when you know they aren’t. All you can ask from them is to speak their truth if they are dissatisfied. Your life may not be all peaches and cream at present but an issue that has caused problems in the workplace will show signs of improving.


Money is tight. If you can’t afford to pay bills that come in at the same time, work out your priorities. The roof over your head should be the main one. A relative will receive some good news they will share with you this evening.


Remain alert and keep the lines of communication open in the home and workplace. Discussions are an important factor when being honest with each other will help avoid misunderstandings. You might not be keen on some of your responsibilities but you will get on with them, all the same.


Legal and financial matters seem to cause most hassle while career affairs meet delays and frustrating setbacks. You could do with more energy to deal with it all. It may not be easy to reach a compromise over a matter you really want to see the end of. Keep at it.


A workmate will seem agitated over what you consider to be a storm in a teacup. There’s a lot going on but nothing out of the ordinary and you can happily keep on top of it all. People who are close to you will be quick to take advantage of your high spirits.


Harmony in the home gives you a sense of calmness and well-being. This same influence will extend into your working environment. A senior colleague will surprise you by suggesting they arrange for someone else to take over some of your responsibilities.


You will want to consider all the pros and cons during discussions to move out of your area. Whether it is to be closer to family or for job reasons, the opportunity to get a better living situation is on the way. There will be few if any objections to hold you back.


Urgent demands and communications will keep you from the things you most want to do. A joint concern will need your immediate attention. Someone wants a decision from you but it isn’t that easy to make up your mind. A dilemma will involve a religious or educational matter.


You won’t feel happy about committing yourself to any long-term deals or transactions when information you need to know isn’t being shared. You have strong suspicions that someone is deliberately hiding something from you. No matter how tempting the offer, if you feel wary, you should turn it down.


How long has it been since you updated your kitchen or bathroom? Your enthusiasm to make a start on a decorating project will be contagious. Before you know it you will be up to your eyes in paint and wallpaper. A joint effort will bring housemates together.


You can see the benefit of starting something new but you will also be aware of all the work that is likely to be involved. Once a mood of exhilaration has calmed down to a more realistic level, you might get others together to work out the practicalities.


You have not been happy with a workplace issue although you would find it hard to put your feelings into words. An older colleague will offer some interesting observations. This will allow you to look at the situation from a different perspective and one that helps you understand your intuitive responses.

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