Your partner or best friend will bring up a subject that needs to be discussed. For a while you have realised there were issues you needed to confront together. Planning a future journey will be uplifting. Emails, text messages and phone calls could revive old friendships.


Even if someone is struggling with something, they might choose to do this on their own as a learning experience. You could do a lot to help them but they may not want your help. Turn our attention elsewhere instead until a time when they ask you to be involved.


It is never a bad thing to think about yourself and to look after your health. It doesn’t matter if others around you are full of energy and enthusiasm. If you can’t seem to find the strength to lift a finger, this is a sign it is time to rest.


The chance of promotion is a one you won’t want to miss. It is taking you longer than expected to climb the ladder of success. There is no guarantee the most educated and experienced candidate will be offered the job. Show your interest as soon as possible.


On receiving confirmation of a long-term plan, the pattern of your life will take on a new and more well-defined course. It will be a relief to feel more in control again. At last you know exactly what you are heading towards. You’re finding new and different ways to use your creativity.


You will see more success with some ambitions if you are willing to take a few risks. It goes against your nature to do anything risky but sometimes this is necessary to get ahead. Keep reminding yourself that occasionally those who dare, win.


Where work and health matters are concerned, stick to the tried and tested. If a health problem is on your mind, a medical consultation will help you understand the source of the problem. Don’t feel you are wasting your doctor’s time booking an appointment. Follow instructions to the letter.


A partner or housemate’s spending is getting out of hand. You can’t stand by and watch in silence. If you’re constantly having to pay their share of joint expenditures, say something. A personal wish will be granted thanks to the intervention of a senior colleague.


Future holiday plans are becoming a bone of contention within the home. Disagreements lead to a stalemate. Even if it is tradition to always travel together to an annual event or celebration, you might decide that just this once, you will make your own way there.


Don’t hold back from discussing your thoughts and ideas. You are inclined to stay in the background but why, when others could benefit from your inventive suggestions? Your interpretation of a situation will win the respect of someone you would like to impress.


Someone in your team seems to be deliberately causing problems. You aren’t the only one who has noticed this. Although you’re tempted to walk away to get on with things on your own, stick around. Ignore this trouble-maker and there will be reward and satisfaction from a group effort.


Some expenses you had completely forgotten about or that take you by surprise will knock your budget for six. You may have to cut down even further on household expenditures. If you’re borrowing money, be sure it is from a reputable lender.

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