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Hooters opened its first restaurant in 1983.

The American diner, which is located in Clearwater, Florida, hired attractive women to entice customers through its doors.

And as the Hooters concept took off in the USA, it eventually made its way across the globe.

There are now around 420 of the restaurants in operation across 42 states and 29 countries.

As well as being popular in the US, there are eateries in countries like the UK, Mexico, Singapore and the Czech Republic.

So what is it like to work at the popular restaurant chain? The Daily Star has rounded up some of the best insider information that has gone viral online in recent months.

So take a look inside Hooters with these interesting restaurant secrets…

Woman in uniform

Female employees, often referred to as “Hooters Girls”, dress in white tank tops, nylon orange hot pants and pantyhose.

But what's it like to wear the racy uniform?

When Nottinghamshire Live asked waitresses what they thought, they admitted the garments took a bit of getting used to.

An employee said: "When I first tried it on I remember thinking I hope I don't look a bit, 'ooh', but I'm comfortable.

“I’m a woman, I can do what I want and choose to wear what I want."

Put a sock in it

On TikTok recently, Hooters employee Jade Amber revealed the sheer stockings can be an annoying part of the uniform.

Apparently, staff members often have to replace their nude tights when they get laddered.

There’s even a vending machine in some restaurants that allows them to get more pantyhose during their shifts.

In a viral video, Jade shows herself buying a new pair and binning the snagged ones.

She captioned the clip: "It's $5 for our pantyhose and they tear ALL THE TIME."

Passion for fashion

While it may seem a bit annoying to splash out to replace part of the uniform, waitresses are making a good investment by doing so.

Previously, the Daily Star revealed how former Hooters employees were flogging their old workwear online.

While some snap up the outfits for Halloween costumes, others purchase them for kinkier reasons.

On Twitter, an ex-employee admitted she’d been offered hundreds to model the garments for a Hooters fetishist.

She wrote: “Put one my old Hooters uniform on offer and someone offered me $300 (around £250) to model it for them. I hate people.”

Hot pants, name badges and skimpy vest tops are among the items that can fetch a fortune from randy punters.

And apparently, socks can fetch the best money.

A former employee took to Twitter to claim: “I used to work in Hooters and I sold my socks on eBay.

“I sold everything on eBay including the pins we had to wear – even the name tag. But the socks were the big sellers.”


Think you have to be busty to work at Hooters? Think again.

A waitress recently revealed how it's possible to fake super-size curves.

In a viral TikTok clip, the employee showed how she makes £290 in tips a day by stuffing her bra to make her A-cup boobs look huge.

Medical student Kristen showed followers how she gives herself an hourglass shape without going under the knife.

She starts by putting on a special bra she bought from Amazon that boosts her chest by two sizes.

The waitress, who claims to have "the chest of a teenage boy", then uses gel bra inserts to amplify her cleavage anymore.

She proudly concluded: "Now they look, they look like I should be a Hooters girl!"

Strut your stuff

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Hooters girls don't just look glam when they're serving customers.

Many also enjoy sashaying down the catwalk at the restaurant chain's annual International Swimsuit pageant.

The contest has been running since 1997 and hundreds of ladies enter each year.

While some don't think women should be hired for their looks, ladies who have entered the pageant say it's been a big confidence booster for them.

An employee at the Nottingham Hooters branch explained: "We took part in women empowerment classes and had workshops, like how to write a CV, and life after Hooters I came back with a different outlook.”

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