Avatar is one of the most famous and highest-grossing movies of all time. It’s been more than a decade since the first Avatar film was released to the public and broke all records by becoming the highest-grossing movie ever. The movie made a total of $2.8 billion back in 2019 and that’s almost $3.8 billion after the current inflation rate. Although the blockbuster movie dominated all the box offices and there were four sequels following its release. The main blue character called Na’vi and their world called Pandora didn’t take into account the cultural values of the characters like most movie franchises do. But we have seen how famous movie franchises like Marvel and DC take care of advertising their movies.

It’s difficult to try and remember any famous dialogue or catchphrase from the movie Avatar. You don’t see a lot of children or teenagers wearing Avatar merchandise or showing huge interest in this franchise. Even around Halloween, children aren’t seen wearing an Avatar costume as opposed to all the other famous movie characters.

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A Look At Timeline Of The Avatar Franchise

Despite all these factors, the first Avatar movie gained so much success that it led the 20th Century Studios to approve and start production of all Avatar sequels. As of now, the sequels have a collective budget of $1 billion so that’s roughly $250 million for each sequel. However, fans are worried if Avatar can make a comeback after almost 13 years out of the pop culture spotlight. The director of Avatar James Cameron is known for his record-breaking sequels but can he turn it around for Avatar’s sequel? Hollywood hasn’t displayed a predictable reaction to superhero movie sequels so we’ll have to wait and see.

If you take a look at James Cameron’s previous movies and the amount of success they have achieved, it’s understandable that the studio is investing in the director. The $1 billion funding for the entire movie franchise might seem risky to fans but we’re forgetting that Avatar was one of the highest-grossing films ever made. If the rest of the sequels receive even half the amount of spotlight, it’s safe to say that the movie franchise will be successful.

The director James Cameron has been behind the success of sequels like Terminator 2 and Aliens that led to not only box office wins but fan-favorite films as well. It’s good news for James because production for film and television have been resumed in New Zealand after the pandemic. So any shooting that needs to be wrapped up for the Avatar sequel, the team can get right to it. As we know that the total budget for each sequel is $250 million, and there are still three more sequels left.

The government of New Zealand has put up health and safety protocols for all the teams working, so all the cameras and actors can get rolling again. All the sequels of Avatar are set to be released in the December of the upcoming couple of years. Before, Marvel released the fan-favorite movie Avengers: Endgame, Avatar held the title for the highest ranking of highest-grossing movies of all time. James Cameron is hopeful that after the release of the sequel of Avatar, the movie Avatar 2 will take the spot of the highest-grossing film ever made again.

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The Insane Special Effects And Visual Experience

The official Twitter account for the franchise Avatar has been updating its fans and posting different pictures of the set. We will get to hear more information about the film’s casting and production as the filming wraps up. Avatar worked with CGI aliens and the film made everything look quite realistic. Fans were overwhelmed by the visuals and cinematography of the movie. However, after all these years, the world of CGI and visual design has grown a lot and the audience might not be that surprised to see any realistic CGI. A lot of action movies and superhero movies has worked with top-notch CGI that has raised the expectations fans have.

Despite the advancement in special effects, the 3D experience isn’t considered that fun anymore. So, now that the fans have exhausted all the other options the world of cinema has to offer, we just have to wait and see. Will the audience be fascinated when they return to stunning CGI and 3D visuals and the world of Pandore? The production and marketing team of Avatar has to figure out if the audience has been waiting for the sequel for a long time or have they lost interest.

Will Avatar 2 Dominate The Box Office?

Due to the pandemic, there was worldwide chaos and a lot of industries had to shut down for some time. This resulted in a delay in the production and release of a lot of movies and tv shows. Avatar 2 wasn’t able to make its way to the cinemas so it has a lot of fans wondering about the release. Will the Avatar sequels break new records and prove to be successful after so much time? All the Avatar fans need to come together for the release of a new movie after more than a decade. Fingers crossed!

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