How I make my avocados last weeks longer with this little-known trick: ‘I’m saving a fortune’

  • Foodies have unearthed avocado hack
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A foodie has gone viral after revealing a little-known hack for making ripe avocados last longer.

The trick is to freeze them as they approach peak ripeness so there’s no time to go bad on the shelf.  

The popular item can then be defrosted and used whenever it is needed.

Foodie My Nguyen prefers to pop the whole avocado in the freezer, skin and all.

When she’s ready to use it she simply places it in a bowl of warm water then peels the skin off.

Foodie My Nguyen prefers to pop the whole avocado in the freezer, skin and all

She said the tip has saved her a lot of money on avocadoes which would often become over ripe waiting to be used.

More than 10,000 people liked and commented on her video.

‘Never considered this, thankyou,’ one woman said.

‘It ain’t pretty but it tastes the same,’ said another. 

The freezing avocado trend first went viral in 2021 after a home cook’s Facebook post explaining how to freeze the expensive fruit went viral.

A common complaint among avocado lovers was the difficulty in finding a ripe one when needed. 

Followed by the fact that the fruit can go from ‘not quite ripe’ to ‘overripe’ in less than a day.

Foodies are now freezing their avocados so they can have them ripe and ready at all times

‘This is amazing. I never have a ripe one or they go bad before you can eat them all. Definitely gonna try this,’ one woman wrote on the viral post. 

‘It defrosts perfectly fine, I’ll mash up a whole one and break it into different containers,’ one woman said.

‘When I want some guacamole I defrost a container, add all the other stuff and have a single serving for myself,’ she said. 

Avocado can be frozen in slices, mashed, or whole according to the home cooks.

One woman said it is important to ‘add a tiny bit of lemon juice’ to mashed and sliced avocado so they don’t go brown when thawing.

‘This is amazing, thankyou I have had so many issues trying to freeze vegetables,’ one woman said.

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The technique means less avocados will go to waste after becoming over ripe (stock image)

Some of the home cooks were worried freezing an avocado would effect the flavour but others confirmed ‘it tastes exactly the same’.   

‘I love it and I can be fussy, I do prefer it mashed if it is frozen though,’ one woman offered.  

While others reveal it is only good for things like guacamole and smoothies rather than avocado salad or on its own. 

‘It does change the texture, it is less creamy somehow so not ideal on its own,’ one woman wrote. 

In the original viral post the woman simply used a cookie scoop to make dozens of avocado balls from her ripe fruit.

She then put them on a baking tray in the freezer ‘for a few hours’ until they were hard.

Then she moved them into a zip lock bag where she could use them at will. 

In other recipes the avocado is coated in lemon juice or mashed with it in order to keep the avocado from spoiling when thawed.

All of the recipes call for ripe avocados that are ‘just soft’ as they ‘tend to get even softer’ once thawed.

Avocados can be frozen for up to six months, according to the home cooks.

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