Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend has claimed that she was forced to warn the Playboy tycoon to stay away from her teen daughter – as a result of fears that he would lead her into the brand’s salacious lifestyle.

Sondra Theodore appeared as Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the month in July 1977, and dated the brand’s founder for five years.

But despite her close associations with Hefner, she has publicly criticised him since his death in 2017, and even suggested that she once found her former partner in a compromising position with their pet dog.

Now, the model says she was forced to intervene when she found the elderly mogul making advances on her teenage daughter.

Sondra testified about her experiences with Playboy in an upcoming bonus episode of the A&E docuseries Secrets of Playboy whe she revealed that she had cut ties with Hefner after he began trying to woo her daughter.

Sondra explained how she had developed fears around exposing her daughter to Hefner when she had brought her family for days at the mansion with other Playmates’ spouses and children.

According to The Sun, she said: “I saw him indoctrinating my daughter. He never touched her, but I would have killed him,” she recalled, noting the similarities with how the entrepreneur had treated her.

“The same thing (as me) he walks in and singled her out and makes her feel special. And I’d say, ‘ you can’t have her. Don’t you touch her’.

“If he would have touched her I would just have died.”

But, despite her fears, Theodore admitted that she was wary of tackling the issue directly because she didn’t want to shatter the illusion of the luxurious Playboy Mansion.

“So many people counted on that fairytale, including my own children,” she added.

“My daughter grew up looking at those pictures thinking I’d been a princess.”

But, she stressed that she had been able to move on once she had opened up about the darker elements of working with Hefner.

“By the end of the documentary they finally came around when their father said ‘Hef was not always a good guy he did some bad things to your mother'," she recalled.

“That was a huge breaking point for us – for my child to accept.”

This comes as another of Hefner’s ex-girlfriends Holly Madison recently addressed rumours of Hefner having a secret vault in the mansion containing celebrity sex tapes.

Holly claimed that she hadn’t been aware of a secret video collection at the time she lived with Hefner, but acknowledged that people who had worked at the mansion had informed her of its existence.

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