Hallmark romances aren't just for the movies!

If you’ve ever tuned in to the Hallmark Channel and thought some of the stars shared a spark that was more than just acting, you might be right!

A few of Hallmark’s most notable actors are actually married to each other. While a handful of these couples were married before joining the Hallmark family, some met while they were working on the same film. However they may have met, sharing their love on screen has made for more Hallmark moments!

Read on to find out which Hallmark stars are married…

1. Carlos & Alexa PenaVega

Carlos and Alexa PenaVega were married long before they became Hallmark stars. The couple made their Hallmark debut Countdown to Christmas debut in 2017’s “Enchanted Christmas,” three years after tying the knot. Since then, they’ve starred in “Love at Sea” and are now a part of their own Hallmark Channel movie franchise, “Picture Perfect Mysteries.” On top of that, the duo just signed a multi-picture overall deal at Hallmark Media.

“Hallmark has become a second home for our family. Over the last four years they have given us opportunities to grow as actors and producers all while raising our children, even if it means having the family on set! Developing projects alongside them has been a highlight of our careers thus far. We are thrilled to be able to continue creating content that is family friendly and current, while maintaining its core values that we love so much. Hallmark is special and we are looking forward to many more projects together,” the couple said in a statement.

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2. Victor Webster & Shantel VanSanten

Victor Webster and Shantel VanSanten met on the set of their 2017 Hallmark movie “Love Blossoms” and after a year of friendship, things took a romantic turn. They began dating and just a few years later, Victor popped the question. In 2022, the couple tied the knot.

“We met while playing love interests on a movie that shot all over Belgium. While it felt like it was set up to create pure love — from filming in a foreign country to the castle we were staying in while shooting to the name of the film, ‘Love Blossoms.’ While working, we were just friends and in fact I helped him with his dating life.” It wasn’t until the following year that their relationship took a “romantic turn,” she told Brides.

3. Kevin McGarry & Kayla Wallace

Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace made their Hallmark debut in 2019 as part of the cast of “When Calls the Heart.” Just a year later, they confirmed their relationship on social media, sharing a series of sweet Polaroid photos together. Since sharing their romance with the world, the couple have also starred in “Feeling Butterflies” and “My Grown-Up Christmas List.”

“It’s nice to work so closely with somebody that I know so well and see that the way Kevin works more in detail than just running lines together for auditions or doing the few scenes that we have on ‘When Calls the Heart.’ It was really fun to spend not just one whole movie working together, but two movies working together, where we get to dive into some different characters and play out these storylines,” Kayla told TV Fanatic.

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4. Daniel Stine & Rachel Hendrix

Daniel Stine and Rachel Hendrix first connected on the set of their 2016 film “Virginia Minnesota.” They soon began dating and went on to star in Hallmark’s “Midway to Love.” Rachel says the best part of their story is that Daniel used the money he made from the movie to buy her engagement ring. The couple have since tied the knot and welcomed their first child.

“The neatest part of the story is he created my engagement ring with the money he made from the film so now we have a pretty unique story to tell our future kids and that makes me smile really big this morning,” Rachel shared.

5. Patti Murin & Colin Donnell

Patti Murin and Colin Donnell had been married for quite a few years when the Broadway stars were cast in Hallmark’s “Love on Iceland.” The movie premiered in 2020 — the same year that the couple welcomed their daughter Cecily. Since then, Patti has starred in another Hallmark Countdown to Christmas movie, “In Merry Measure,” and the couple have released their first joint album together, “Something Stupid.”

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6. Chris McNally & Julie Gonzalo

Chris McNally first connected with Julie Gonzalo while they were filming 2018’s “The Sweetest Heart.” While there were rumors that the couple were dating, the couple never formally confirmed their relationship status. After keeping their romance out of the spotlight, the couple surprised fans when they revealed they welcomed their first child in 2022.

7. Eric Winter & Roselyn Sanchez

Eric Winter and Roselyn Sanchez had been married since 2008 when they teamed up for Hallmark’s “A Taste of Summer” in 2019. While Eric admits their process is very different on set, he says they’re always looking for more ways to collaborate and have dreams of having their own sitcom.

“We’re always trying to find ways of collaborating, working together. If we work together, it means that we’re going to be located at the same place and that the family stays together,” Roselyn said.

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