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Four months after her unfortunate Gorilla Glue incident, Tessica Brown has turned her hairstyling mishap into a positive business venture.

Brown, 40, surprised the internet in February when she asked the public’s help on how she can get the Gorilla Glue brand’s adhesive spray out of her hair. In a brief TikTok video, she explained she used the spray to slick down her hair.

Shortly after, Brown documented her journey to get the adhesive off her hair, which included home remedies, doctor visits and ultimately a surgical removal.

Now Brown has created a haircare line that includes products for holding hair down and stimulating hair growth, according to TMZ.

Four months after her unfortunate Gorilla Glue incident, Tessica Brown has turned her hairstyling mishap into a positive business venture. (Tessica Brown)

Her company, Forever Hair, reportedly debuted on Wednesday and uses language that doesn’t shy from Brown’s challenge with home-grade adhesive spray or the haircut her surgical procedure required.

On the Forever Hair website, Brown’s store carries a “Forever Hold” spray and “Growth Stimulating Oil.” In photos provided to Fox News, it appears the brand will also be adding a “Sleek Edge Control” gel. 

“I have been working with professionals and we came up with a hair line, ‘Forever hair’ which has been helping me grow my hair back and maintain it,” Brown told Fox News via email. “It’s available at” 

While the formulators or cosmetic lab Brown has worked with to develop Forever Hair aren’t apparent on the brand’s product packaging, labels show the brand is using ingredients that are common in the haircare industry, including avocado, black castor, rosemary and Moroccan oils.

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    Tessica Brown’s Forever Hair brand includes a "Growth Stimulating Oil." (Forever Hair)

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    Tessica Brown’s Forever Hair brand includes a "Forever Hold" spray, a subtle reference to her Gorilla Glue incident from February 2021. (Forever Hair)

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    The Forever Hold spray is designed to keep hair in place for a short period of time, unlike the adhesive spray Tessica Brown used to style her hair in February. (Forever Hair)

The hold spray in particular is made with a list of compounds that have been evaluated by Environmental Working Group – an independent board that assesses the safety of ingredients in cosmetics, food and household products. The product’s first three ingredients include SDA-40 alcohol, deionized water and a common acrylate polymer.

Brown performed a demonstration of the hold spray on her TikTok account Thursday, which shows the product helps to brush down hair the same way Gorilla Glue’s adhesive did.

If your looking for a spritz that holds like gorilla glue but is also Safe on Your hair look no further forever hold ##itdontmove ##www..tbforeverhair

She also credited her products for her hair growth, which can now be pulled back into a ponytail. While Brown has faith in her new line, medical experts at the American Academy of Dermatology have published that human hair generally grows about half an inch per month. However, the organization does note there are select ingredients and treatments that can be used to stimulate hair growth for people who have experienced hair loss.

Brown’s original TikTok video of the Gorilla Glue snafu has racked up more than 50.5 million views on TikTok. She’s also grown her audience to 1.4 million on the app and has become a digital influencer in her own right. Brown is currently represented by Gitoni, Inc, a Los Angeles-based talent management company.

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