Fit for a queen: How do you glam up the Hollywood home of the world’s biggest drag star? With maximalist prints, lashings of orange and lots of disco balls, says interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard

  • Martyn Lawrence Bullard pulled out all the stops decorating RuPaul’s home
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When your friend of almost 30 years asks you to decorate their dream home, it’s an honour. 

But when that friend is the world’s most famous drag queen – as mine is – one has to pull out all the stops to match their home to their personality.

RuPaul is one of those rare people whose career has made the world rethink its ideas. 

He views life as a stage – and has starred on that stage in many forms, both in male and female drag. 

As such, I wanted to transform the Hollywood Regency-inspired mansion in Beverly Hills that he shares with rancher husband Georges LeBar into an epicentre of old-school glamour. 

RuPaul in his palatial pink entrance hall. A 1940s console and a bench covered in Kerylos linen from Bullard’s fabric line add a period feel. For a similar shade of pink try Inner Shell by

The walk-in wardrobe, which was created by joining two bedrooms, is filled with vibrant designer clothes, shoes and bags – many custom-made for RuPaul

An orange Château range by crowns the kitchen by Hexsation lanterns from Corbett remind RuPaul of old-fashioned diving helmets

I wanted a sweeping staircase that was so theatrical it would make Broadway impresario Florenz Ziegfeld weep, a ballroom fit to rival any Studio 54 moment and a spectacular array of closets for the outfits, accessories and wigs collected over his 40-year career. 

In short, I wanted to create the House of Ru.

I added dramatic 20-foot-high metal-framed windows to the façade of the building to immediately announce the glamour you’ll find behind the lacquered front doors. 

Once inside, you are greeted by towering marble columns, inlaid stone floors and bold neoclassical-inspired parquetry softened by rose-pink walls.

Lacquered in Hermèsorange, the home office contains some of RuPaul’s many gongs, including 12 Emmys and multiple MTV awards. A 19th-century French desk from Ceylon et Cie in Dallas adds an extra touch of glamour

In the dining pavilion, circus-style stripes provide a dramatic yet intimate atmosphere – ideal for dinner parties. The décor was inspired by the card room in the Elizabeth Taylor movie Boom

A sunrise fluted headboard, Murano-glass lamps and bold floral Artemis wallpaper by give this guest bedroom a 1920s ambience. For a similar bedside table try

Twenty-seven huge glitter balls – the largest 6ft in diameter – dominate the disco room, while the walls are filled with photographs of RuPaul’s favourite icons, including Diana Ross

Textures and palettes throughout are a further nod to the Hollywood Regency era, with velvets, silks, leopard, Greek-key prints, fringes and tassels, all modernised with lashings of Hermès-orange hues to provide the most vibrant of backdrops.

It is the ultimate in custom design and the perfect trophy for a man who’s entertained us in the most spectacular way.

  • This is an edited extract from Star Style by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, which will be published on 12 October by Vendome Press, £65

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