The future of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s charity may be unclear, given their recent divorce. But the supermodel has made it clear she’s going to continue doing philanthropy work on her own.

Gisele recently made headlines for pledging $1 million to the Lotus House chapter in Miami, which is America’s largest women’s shelter. Lotus House recently moved into a new venue, known as The Children’s Village, and Gisele was there to celebrate the opening of the new facility.

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“Building a solid community for children is so important, especially for those who are vulnerable and in need,” Gisele said at the opening after announcing her donation, TMZ reports.

The goal of the new facility is to fight childhood homelessness in the Miami area. Gisele’s donation will specifically go towards building a new playground and developing youth programs.

Lotus House has been in operation since 2006, and helps thousands of women and children annually who’re fighting poverty.

“The Lotus House is a unique resource center and residential facility serving homeless women and infants in the heart of the historic African American district of Overtown, Miami, an area suffering from extreme poverty,” its website explains.

“Sheltering 1,550+ women, youth and children annually, Lotus House is the largest shelter for women and children in the country. We provide shelter, resources, and multi-faceted, comprehensive supportive services to help our guests successfully exit the shelter system and lead lives of greater opportunity,” it continues.

Gisele is no stranger to philanthropy work. Alongside her then-husband Tom Brady, the supermodel launched the Luz Foundation, a non-profit charity that pledged to work with other organizations supporting various causes.

However, the organization came under fire last year during Tom and Gisele’s divorce when it was revealed the charity had made very few donations since being established over a decade ago.

For example, it donated $300 to Waterkeeper Nicoya Peninsula environmental organization in 2018 as well as $900 to the World Wildlife Fund.

The majority of the charity’s donations since its inception have gone to yoga and meditation centers, including directing $80,000 of its $350,000 budget to Pointing Out the Great Way Foundation in 2019.

Considering Tom and Gisele had a joint net wroth of $700 million during their marriage, there was publish backlash when it was revealed how little their organization has contributed, with some critics calling it nothing more than a tax write off. Perhaps Gisele is trying to clean up her image with her recent million-dollar donation.

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