A giant cat measures in at 1.3 metres long – the average height of a nine-year-old child.

Finn, a six-year-old Main Coon, stuns passers-by with his size, and is often mistaken for a dog.

At his last weigh in, he tipped the scales at a staggering 10kg.

But his proud owner, Natalie Bowman, says people shouldn’t be put off by his appearance.

Natalie, 32, said: ‘Finn is really docile and curious, he is so funny and is very needy and affectionate, he loves cuddles and to be spooned.

‘It’s really funny when strangers think he’s a dog. Then when they get closer to him, they say: “Oh my god, it’s a cat!” They love him.’

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Natalie, a healthcare worker, adopted Finn in 2017, when he was just three and half months old – and looking after him takes a lot of work.

Finn’s stupendous size makes him expensive to maintain. He gets fed three or four times a day and has to be walked on a lead, with his daily strolls making him somewhat of a local celebrity.

And, when Natalie has visitors, they’re often alarmed by the enormous feline she lives with.

Natalie, who lives in California, USA, added: ‘I’ve had service people come around to fix things, it’s always fun to see grown men get shocked by my cat, they often say he looks like a bobcat or a wildcat.

Despite his size, Finn is a gentle giant and gets along splendidly with Natalie’s other cat.

‘It took them a little while to adjust to each other, but they love each other now,’ Natalie explained.

“[Maine coons] need a lot of time and affection, he has separation anxiety and I actually take him into the office sometimes.

‘He is a very sociable cat and he loves to talk, he’s very loud.’

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