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Chef, author, and food guru Giada De Laurentiis is following in her Italian grandfather’s footsteps — almost literally. Her nonna grew up with parents who ran a pasta factor in their little village called Torre Annunziata, right outside of Naples, and he later became a gregarious salesman who peddled pasta door-to-door up and down the streets of their hometown. Now, Giada has launched her own line of pasta that she’s selling through Giadzy’s Pantry online, which is basically the door-to-door salesman of the modern world.

Giadzy Pasta is the result of years of careful taste-testing and research with master pasta makers from across Italy. To perfect their first in-house product line, Giada De Laurentiis and the Giadzy team zeroed in on what matters most in a pasta: taste, texture, and fun. By using the finest ingredients and working in partnership with skilled pasta artisans in Italy, they’ve created the pasta we’ve been looking for all our lives—and are sharing it with us!

Giadzy Pasta is crafted in beautiful Abruzzo from pure mountain spring water and organic, locally grown semolina. It’s made using traditional artisan techniques and cut on 100-year-old bronze dies, giving the pasta a rough, rustic texture that soaks up sauce, making every bite exceptionally flavorful. After it’s shaped, the pasta is slowly air-dried for up to 36 hours, protecting its delicate flavor and dense texture. The result: the perfect al dente bite every time.

Giadzy Pappardelle Pasta

The long ribbons of Giadzy organic pappardelle may remind you of fettuccine or tagliatelle, but this pasta is a whole lot wider. The shape was invented in Tuscany, and the name is taken from the verb pappare, which in the local dialect means “to gobble up,” often with childish glee. Its made with made with minimally processed semolina flour for flavorful, perfectly al dente bites.

Giadzy Manfredi Lunghi Pasta

A ruffled homage to the princess of Savoy, this elegant long pasta has been a favorite in Naples for more than 100 years. True to pasta-making tradition, Giadzy’s manfredi is super-sized, measuring some 22 inches in length, with the intention that home cooks can break the pasta up to suit their needs.

Giadzy Nodi Marini Pasta

These curling “sailor’s knots” are a great match for flavorful ragus and chunky sauces of all kinds. In Puglia, this pasta is sometimes known as molloni (“springs”), while in parts of Naples it’s known as vesuvio, in honor of the great volcano Vesuvius that towers over the region.

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