“The North Remembers!”

It’s been a while since fans have been slavering over every detail of HBO’s juggernaut “Game of Thrones” series, anticipating its every twist and turn. But they remember. Oh do they remember!

Unfortunately, they seem to remember that the incredibly rich and nuanced saga came to a rather disappointing ending by most fan reckonings — and that’s putting it very, very kindly.

That’s why it’s not a huge surprise that HBO’s attempt to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the series premiere — and possibly tease upcoming spinoffs — backfired almost as spectacularly as every plot decision made in that final season.

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Leaning on a catchphrase that used to get people all kinds of excited, the Game of Thrones official Twitter account tweeted out three words on Wednesday, “Winter is coming.”

Almost immediately, what was meant to start building that fever pitch of excitement again only served to remind fans what a sour taste Season 8 had left in their mouths. And as if they’d just been waiting for a reason to unleash a torrent of disappointment, they unloaded.

Incredibly, the tweet got the phrase “Season 8” trending even beyond the name of the show or even the initial phrase that precipitated the onslaught. Just “Season 8” is enough for “GoT” fans to know exactly what this is about.

This is about nearly a decade of character development either thrown out altogether, ignored to push a different agenda, or dismissed entirely. To say that the ending of the saga was a satisfying conclusion after the richness of earlier seasons is to say that fire and ice make excellent bedfellows.

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Many fans can quickly point out the moment things turned, which is just about the time that the HBO series surpassed George R.R. Martin’s still-unfinished novel series. When David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were left to their own devices, they quickly started leaning on television tropes.

Unfortunately for HBO, this attempt to drum up enthusiasm for their upcoming prequel series to the original saga proved just how far they have to go to convince fans to give them another shot after failing to stick the landing the last time.

Making it even more complicated is just how huge “Game of Thrones” got during its time on the air. The bigger you are, the farther you can fall and they fell all the way down to the ground with a splat.

It’s been nearly two years since “Thrones” fans threw their hands up in disgust as the series drew to a close. Maybe they just needed to vent out this last burst of frustration before actually giving “House of the Dragon” — expected to premiere in 2022 — a chance.

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