We all love a trier, but some gifts are objectively bad and there’s no overlooking it.

Sometimes it just comes down to a question of taste, but there are other times where all you can do is laugh and wonder what the gift-giver could possibly have been thinking.

We don’t want to be ungrateful – after all, it’s the thought that counts – but it’s nice to see the funny side.

So, without further ado, here’s a selection of some of the weirdest and worst Christmas gifts people have ever received.

A car emergency kit for carless Sharon*

‘It actually is an OK gift if you have a car – there was a road flare, tire gauge, emergency flat repair, seat belt cutters, etc,’ says Sharon, who was given the gift by her sister.

‘Pretty useless if you don’t have a car though. I think I ended up donating it to a charity shop.’

Nipple tassels and fluffy high heels for Jane

‘Around the time I was trying to end it with an ex, he bought me some sexy pink fluffy high heel satin shoes and nipple tassels.

‘My daughter and I ended up using the tassels as hats for her Barbies.’

A coffee bean sack and reduced Coca Cola cans for Tim

‘My dad gave me an empty coffee bean sack two years ago. Still not sure why.

‘Nothing was wrapped. He’s a very odd man that I don’t see very often.

‘He gave us a box with reduced Coca-Cola cans, a Chicago tea towel and then underneath was the massive coffee bean sack.’

A teeny tiny gravy boat for Bex

‘I asked for “a cute gravy boat” as in a nice patterned one, but dad took that as miniature.

‘It held about 10ml of liquid.’

A very unchic sequin hat and scarf for Leah

‘As a teen, my grandma gave me a black sequin beret with a matching sequin scarf (don’t think Parisian chic, but Huddersfield market). Meanwhile, my sister got a golden necklace with a cute bear on it.

‘It made me question what had I done to her.’

A red squirrel-shaped nutcracker, also for Jane

‘When I saw it I just felt guilty for not liking it, and couldn’t quite figure out my reactions in time to feign joy.’

An encyclopedia for then-ten-year-old Eoin

‘I remember bursting into the living room on Christmas morning – and in amongst my pile of presents, there was a large, heavy, rectangular parcel. I had no idea what it could be, but I was very excited, so I left it until nearly the end of my gift-opening frenzy.

‘Finally, it was time. I picked it up, excitedly tore off the wrapping paper, and discovered… a Hutchinson Encyclopedia, 2001 edition.

‘Not quite the surprise I was hoping for at the time, but it still sits on the bookshelf next to my desk in my office to this day.’

A book about gay catholic priests for Jack

‘It was called something like “Hidden voices: Stories of gay priests” or something like that. And it was given to me with absolutely zero context.

‘It was just presented to me – an atheist homosexual – as something I would enjoy or relate to.’

*Name has been changed

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