Optical illusions created by accident will make you look twice

  • US site Know Your Meme collated bizarre photos into a mind boggling gallery 
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Halloween may still be a few weeks away, but a recent collection of freaky photographs is likely to leave you feeling a little unsettled if not utterly spooked. 

Shared by social media users from around the world ,and collated by US site Know Your Meme, the photographs feature humans, animals and objects all looking somewhat out of sorts. 

Among the bizarre snaps is one of a dog who appears to have exhaust pipes for eyes.

Meanwhile another image features a woman seemingly dwarfed by a giant cat and another shows a man with an inexplicably tiny arm. 

While these scenarios may seem unnatural, they really haven’t been staged, and are just accidental.

Struggling to see, this dog has ‘exhausted’ all options in their search for the right kind of glasses

Thanks to perspective playing up, the snaps feature accidental optical illusions, which are nothing short of mind-boggling!

So, don’t be scared off by the sports fan with four arms, and don’t fear for the lorry driver heading for a giant ‘ditch’. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best images – the ones that will leave you curious, confused and maybe a little off colour, too… 

This man never grew out of playing with toy cars. In fact, he doubled-down on his duty to take care of them as he got older 

Be sure to switch sides in the gym or you’ll be left with one giant arm and one miniature one like this man

With an enormous cat presiding over her shop, this owner is taking no chances with security 

This weird floating ladder is perfect for someone ambitious looking to skip a couple of rungs on the way to the top 

Hold on tight! This snap suggests a giant seagull has descended on to the beach and is preparing to take off with its prey

Slow down! This lorry better swerve fast to avoid the giant ‘ditch’ that appears like it is about to swallow up the vehicle

While it looks like the cat on the right has been superimposed, this is, shockingly, just one picture

Cheering with four arms in the air, this sports fan will do whatever it takes to get behind his team 

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