“Are you smarter than a 6th grader?!”

“Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade was slammed on social media after he snapped back at a 6th grader who complimented President Joe Biden.

The incident occurred after Kilmeade invited a panel of students to discuss their experiences with remote learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

Philadelphia grade schooler Mason Seder said he missed his friends, but is “very, very close” to returning to the class room. “And I think that the way that our new president is handling things is a very good way and we would not have gone to this if it were still the last president.”

56-year-old Kilmeade immediately took umbrage with the slight and attempted to dunk on the pre-teen by spouting, “Really? That’s hard to believe because the last president was saying, ‘I want every kid back in school.'”

With a shake in his voice, Kilmeade then quickly turned to his other guests — an eighth-grader and a high school freshman — with a different question.

Kilmeade also told his teen panel that they “should be back in school right now” and the students should “blame your politicians and unions” for delays in returning to in-class learning.

Social media blew up as critics dragged the Fox News host for trying to clapback at the student to defend former president Donald Trump, with Patton Oswalt mocking Kilmeade by tweeting, “That sixth grader was so mean to me!”

Another stand-up comedian, Noel Castor, shared, “Kids should not be allowed to appear on Fox News. Its anti-intellectual porn on it’s best day but it was pretty fun to see Brian Kilmeade get body-checked by a sixth grader.”

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