King Charles III was crowned alongside Camilla at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, in the presence of his family and other dignitaries.

Though the ceremony’s most heart-warming moments were scrutinised worldwide, some of the more subtle details may easily have gone amiss.

Jesús Enrique Rosas, a body language expert who posts under the name The Royal Rogue on YouTube, recently shared several of his eagle-eyed observations of the big day with fans.

King Charles’ arrival

One of the first details Rosas drew attention to in his later clip was the King’s arrival at Westminster Abbey when he was pictured looking grumpy.

A video showed a seemingly disgruntled King inside a stationary carriage, which some lip readers alleged showed him complaining about “lateness”.

“Well, official sources have confirmed that the King’s coach at Westminster Abbey six minutes early, so nobody was late,” noted Rosas.

Father and son moment

By far one of the most touching moments of the ritual was when Prince Wiliam knelt before his father to pay homage to him, while his parents.

“At this moment you could feel the intensity between them,” pointed out Rosas.

The King, who had put up a “serious” and “solemn” facade in the first part of the service, broke into a “sweet gaze” as he was addressed by eldest son William.

“That is the body language signal that Charles trusts William one hundred percent,” added Rosas.

Queen Camilla coronation

During her own Coronation, the Queen Consort was seen making “tiny jumps” as the Archbishop bestowed a crown on her.

“It’s no wonder […] everyone who actively participated here was nervous,” pointed out Rosas.

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“Maybe Camilla did not want the archbishop to stumble [on] her feet or her dress. Her facial expression was also quite tense just before the crown was on her head.”

Contrary to popular belief, Rosas believes it’s unlikely the Queen was concerned about the weight of the crown, given that it weighed approximately 600 grams less than Charles’

“When you think it about, it’s more of a balancing act, and thank goodness it went flawlessly,” added Rosas.

The Princess of Wales’ Tiara

The Princess of Wales wore an Alexander McQueen dress in ivory silk crepe, paired with a silver and crystal tiara designed by the late fashion designer Jess Collette.

Kate Middleton’s choice of headwear was steeped in rich symbolism, dating back to ancient Greece.

“They were given to the winner of the Olympic games. Maybe it’s also a sweet nod to Prince Philip, who was born in Greece,” pointed out Rosas.

“But anyway, this is a symbol of triumph, of victory, and divine blessing and wisdom.”

Meghan Markle disguise rumours

Days after the Coronation, the New York Post reported that royal fans were convinced Meghan Markle snuck into the Coronation in disguise.

Fans took particular notice of one standout guest among the crowd of 2,200 at Westminster Abbey, reported the news outlet.

“It turns out that the white-grey hair and mustache were not a disguise at all,” pointed out Rosas.

“The man pictured is Sir Karl Jenkins, a legendary composer whose work was played during the ceremony.”

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