There are so many reasons to love Aquarius season. After all, this is the zodiac sign of community, togetherness, and progressive thinking. Aquarius says everyone is unique and everyone deserves to be cherished for their uniqueness. Aquarius also says everyone should come together for a good cause and be the change you’d like to see in the world. This is a powerful time to start envisioning the future you’ve always dreamed of — and not just your future, but everyone’s future. How can you leave a positive impact on the world? How can you honor your authenticity? These are questions to ask yourself, especially if you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week of February 8, 2021: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Even though Mercury retrograde winter 2021 is stirring up trouble this week, there are still a lot of exciting things to look forward to. The new moon in Aquarius takes place on Feb. 11, regenerating your spiritual slate and giving you the chance to start again. This is a powerful opportunity to release yourself from all the guilt, pain, and stress that’s been weighing you down so you can pour all your energy into a new intention. Tap into the Aquarian warrior within you and embrace whatever makes you unique. Find the courage to stand out of society. Aquarius is the quintessential contrarian and rebel, so don’t be afraid of going against societal norms.

On Feb. 13, Mars — planet of passion and vitality — will also form a sextile with dreamy and spiritual Neptune. This will infuse your energy with creativity and imagination, edging you closer to an artistic mindset. While you might also feel sleepy and spacey, you’ll also feel like exploring outer space.

As you can see, there’s so much to look forward to this week. Here’s why air signs will love it the most:

Gemini: Your World Is Opening And Expanding In So Many Ways

Get excited, Gemini, because your world is opening in a major way. The way you’ve been seeing things and the perspectives you’ve been clinging onto are about to expand. Nothing is ever as it seems, because there’s always another angle from which you can consider everything. However, embracing the new truths you’re about to witness might feel somewhat disorienting at first. After all, you’re taking in so much at once and it takes a minute to get used to this new mindset and attitude. Take it one step at a time, Gemini.

Libra: Prepare For A Beautiful And Inspiring Creative Breakthrough

Have you been feeling like your creativity is running dry? Are you struggling to find artistic inspiration in your everyday life? If this sounds like you, then this week will feel all the more beautiful for you, Libra. After all, you’re discovering creativity in places you may have never considered before (or haven’t considered in a long time). This week, the cosmos are encouraging you to try new hobbies, embrace the present moment, and have a little fun with the color that surrounds you. Creativity doesn’t flow in stifled environments, Libra. Give yourself permission to let loose.

Aquarius: You’re Learning How To Embrace Self-Improvement

You’re growing so much lately, Aquarius, and it hasn’t been all that easy. Ever since Saturn moved into your zodiac sign, you’ve been going through trials and tribulations that are designed to help you embrace your maturity and step up to the plate. Old habits aren’t doing you any favors and it’s time to form new ones. However, this week, the cosmos are revealing your true power. You may stumble across so many victorious moments that reinforce your pride and your confidence in the future. Embrace it, Aquarius.

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