With December right around the corner, everyone's thinking about Christmas.

As the festive season is almost upon us, most people would start putting their decoration up.

Although one family who jumped the gun a little bit have been warned they could risk a hefty fine for doing so.

Michael Moffa revealed how he received a letter from his local community association warning him of a fine of $1,000 (£750).

The dad, from Florida, US, told Fox 13 he had to book the professional decorator early because it was the only available time slot.

He said: "We couldn't get in on last year's. We actually booked this year from last year.

"November 6 was the date that he had early so we did it."

The letter stated the family would be fined $100 (£75) for every day the decorations remained up.

Aiming for a sleeker festive look this year, the family bagged themselves a maximum $1,000 (£750).

According to the community association, Christmas came far too early since it was Thanksgiving last week.

And only after the US festival on November 25 could Christmas lights go out on buildings.

Their Christmas polar bear and trees out back might have gone unnoticed, but the house's front was too much for some.

Michael said: "If you take a look at the lights, it's not egregious, right?

"And when they are on they actually look pretty cool and the kids enjoy it and it puts a smile on their face."

The community associations letter with the fine notice arrived only 48 hours after the lights had been put out.

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House owner Chelsea posted about the situation on Facebook.

She wrote: "We honestly never thought it would turn into what it has.

"But I'm grateful that it has because I feel like it has just brought everyone all over the country together."

The community association's lawyer revealed it was a neighbour who complained about the family's early start.

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