A new creepy tattoo trend has hit the scene – but it's not for the fainthearted.

Jesse Garcia, who owns a private studio in Los Angeles, US, is the mastermind behind the freaky designs.

The tattooist often shares his creative work on Instagram where he boasts 26,700 followers online.

He's known for inking the impressive 3D carnivorous deadly spider tattoos on faces and legs.

Now if you're considering your next design – and you're in the area – you can check out these creepy crawlies.

He mainly specialises in black and white designs, as he often has clients asking for skulls, owls and butterflies.

Here are some of his quirkiest designs.

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In one of his latest jobs, Jesse inked the creepy 3D spider on a man's chest to which he told fans he's taking appointments.

Meanwhile another photo shows the same culprit, only this time the eight-legged freak is positioned on a person's wrist.

But if that's not freaked you out yet, wait until you see the next location of Jesse's tattoo.

One bloke decided to have the poisonous arthropod on the side of his face as the spider was creeping into his ear.

Other cool creations we've seen from the man himself include a screaming woman who has a spider in her mouth.

The most popular parts of the body to have Jesse's deadly spider has been the face or ear.

One client decided to have it inked on his ear while another had it just behind his head.

But if spiders aren't your thing, the world famous American artist has had clients pop in for other designs.

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Whether it's butterflies or a creepy skull, Jesse can certainly do it all.

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