To say that Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for a while is an understatement. While she celebrates her 95 birthday this year, Her Majesty, who has been queen since 1952, has also become the longest-serving English monarch — King or Queen — in history (via Elle), beating out the last longest-serving monarch, Queen Victoria, by six years. Queen Victoria ruled over the United Kingdom for 63 years and 7 months, per English Heritage.

Unless you’re a royalist and/or British, marking the queen’s birthday can be a confusing affair — because she has two. While she was born on April 21, 1926, the monarch’s birthday is actually celebrated in June — for the simple reason that the English weather can be fickle. According to Elle, the practice of celebrating in June actually started in the 1700s, when King George II decided that it was too cold for the people to hold the procession known as Trooping the Colour, marking his birthday, in November. This means that the June “birthday” doesn’t just belong to Queen Elizabeth II alone, but to every single monarch since then. Prince William may have an easier time of it if and when he becomes king, because his birthday is on June 21 (via Hello!).

Queen Elizabeth II is a true 'Taurus Queen'

Given that the queen was actually born in April, we can confidently say that she is a Taurus, a fact that doesn’t surprise Michelle Fedrizzi, CEO of astrology/psychology brand The Auric, who says the queen is everything you would imagine a Taurus monarch might be. Fedrizzi tells The List, “Queen Elizabeth is the true definition of a Taurus Queen as she fully embodies the qualities of Taurus: standing strong in her divine feminine and all the power that comes along with that, moving with so much grace and poise, and living the lavish life of abundance and prosperity while being emotionally strong and extremely loyal.”

Being a monarch can be about a great deal of self-sacrifice, but Fedrizzi says the queen is buoyed by a strong sense of love for her country. “Love to her is sacrifice,” Fedrizzi says of the queen, “but also is her greatest lesson as she teaches not only England but also the world how to do all things with love, and that we, too, can have all that we desire.” 

Love is Queen Elizabeth's 'greatest strength'

Fedrizzi points out that the queen’s birth time means that she has set influences that guide who she is. “Queen Elizabeth is a Taurus Sun, which is ruled by Venus; has a Capricorn Rising, which is ruled by Saturn; and a Leo Moon, which is ruled by the Sun. With these big three in astrology she knows exactly how to let the light shine on her, but also how to command a room,” Fedrizzi said. “When she speaks, the world listens.” 

According to Fedrizzi, Venus is the queen’s ruling planet, “which helps to teach her how to be such a great leader by leading with compassion and love.”

Speaking of Queen Elizabeth’s best qualities, Federizzi says, “Love is her greatest strength, and she holds love at the highest importance — she is even honoring her late husband, Prince Phillip, who just passed at 99 years old, by not celebrating her birthday, but rather honoring his name and the love they shared on her special day instead.”

Queen Elizabeth II will mark her birthday with no pomp and circumstance

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the queen is expected to mark her birthday in a quiet way, with “a small group of family members.” It’s the way most of us would probably want, particularly after the recent death of a loved one. We can also expect that public celebrations will be even more low key this year after the passing of the queen’s beloved husband, Prince Philip.

There is even more reason for the queen to want a quiet birthday. Her close friend and racing advisor, Sir Michael Oswald, also passed away at the age of 86 on the day of Prince Philip’s funeral (via People). Queen Elizabeth isn’t expected to release a birthday portrait, and no gun salutes are expected to ring out across Hyde Park and the Tower of London. And the Trooping the Colour — which originally triggered the need for a second birthday? That’s not going to happen, either. There hasn’t been a gun salute or ceremonial parade since the pandemic, which is yet another reason to look forward to the day when it comes to an end.

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