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A former racing car driver who turned to OnlyFans work has shared the weirdest content requests she gets from her subscribers, admitting no part of her body is off-limits.

Renee Gracie raced V8 Supercars in Australia before ditching her successful career for adult modelling.

Now, the Aussie sells explicit images and videos to her rolling subscribers, who are able to lodge requests about the type of content they want to see.

And, despite her unconventional route to porn, the adult actress explained that she has fully embraced her new lifestyle when she spoke on the Kinda Sorta Dating podcast.

Asked what kind of content she shares, Renee admitted: “I do everything now. Originally when I started I showed nothing, now there’s not one part of my body that hasn’t been shown.

“I do videos right from, feet videos, videos of me eating food, taking my bra off, putting it on, putting my pants on… anything from the weirdest things that you could imagine that someone wants to see.

“On the broad spectrum of adult content, what there is and you’re able to do, I’ve probably done.”

Elaborating on some of the stranger requests she has received, Renee explained that people often turn to platforms like OnlyFans as a legitimate way of satisfying some of their unusual desires.

“I don’t think anything’s weird anymore,” she continued.

“But I would say things like armpits, and licking armpits, and stroking armpits. Farting videos I find very weird.

“There’s one or two from time to time; people have asked me to smash up bananas with my feet.”

In fact, the model confessed that there are very few requests that she turns down, but noted: “Generally, anything that breaks the law or is illegal I won’t do, so like things in public.

“I don’t do the farting ones, unfortunately.

“Sometimes I have to remind people, ‘that’s not actually real, what you’re asking for, and if you’ve seen it somewhere then it’s probably fake’.”

And, in the same podcast episode, Renee even revealed that she sometimes films content with her boyfriend, who offered to help after they realised how much money her career was making.

The former racing driver has shared ambitions to re-enterthe sport in the past, and confessed that she now owns three houses, and comfortably makes six figures each month.

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