As my partner and I rang the doorbell to the basement of a rundown block of flats, we looked at each other, our excitement and nerves mirrored on the other’s face. 

We were on a brief three-day stay in Prague and decided it would be fun to give a sex club a go. We’d never done anything like this before but thought it could be a good time – I guess we’d find out. 

When the door opened, a polished man wearing a white shirt with a few too many buttons undone greeted us and ushered us in.

Once inside, he explained the ground rules. Everyone must lock their mobile phones away, entry was 1,700 CZK (around £63) a couple, and we must choose a wristband that indicated how much we want to be involved with others.

As it was our first time, we chose the wristband that meant we didn’t want to mix.

We were nervous but excited at the same time; everything was unknown at this point. We still hadn’t seen the venue and didn’t even know if we were dressed correctly — we were wearing what we’d normally wear to a bar back home.

Next, we were given a quick tour on our way to the lockers. We entered the main club area from the top of a staircase and to our lower left was a bar that ran the length of the room; parallel to that, there was a lounge area with sofas, chairs, and tables with a stripper pole in the centre.  

One thing led to another and she started giving me oral sex

Couples sat closely together with just enough distance between each other to not engage in conversation — their eyes followed us as we walked across the room. The dress code was not too dissimilar to a regular night out.

As we got to the end of the room, we noticed there was a hot tub behind the bar with a naked couple inside, our first taste of what was to come. We entered the changing room and put our belongings (coats, bags, etc.) in the lockers.

While grabbing a drink from the bar to calm our nerves, the music changed and a stripper started dancing on the pole before putting two lit candles up her vagina.

The other partygoers didn’t seem very interested — it’s probably quite tame to what they’re used to seeing — but my partner and I couldn’t resist giving her a round of applause. 

After a while, we decided to explore the three ‘play areas’. The first two were filled with glory holes, bondage toys, and a sex swing… we quickly shook our heads at each other and walked out of these rooms.

The third area was a huge room full of beds with two off-shoot rooms that had windows into the main room. Like Goldilocks, this felt just right, and we told each other this was where we felt most comfortable.

At this point, not many people were in the play areas, so my partner and I decided to relax in one of the off-shoot rooms and we began to talk about the experience.  

The night had really sparked another level of desire for one another

One thing led to another and she started giving me oral sex. Even though it was literally the purpose of the club, it felt naughty, especially as I was aware that people were walking, poking their heads in. Some even stood and watched for a while.

After a short drinks break, my partner and I returned to the off-shoot room. The main room had more people inside this time around and it got us hornier than before. Watching other couples touch themselves led us to start touching each other. 

I started giving my partner oral sex, which really brought a crowd. I was faced looking away from the door but as the walls were entirely mirrored, I could see the couples hanging around the door. As my girlfriend got closer to orgasm the crowd peaked — something that only helped push her over the edge. 

By now, we were so turned on, we started to have sex. We both loved being watched as we did what normally is only done in private, whispering in each other’s ears, describing what other couples were doing to each other as they watched us, and what they may be thinking. It was extremely sexy. 

The main room was now full of bodies. We saw couples having sex next to others, while singles watched, touching themselves, and even saw two girls touch each other while their men stood and observed. 

We stayed there for about four hours in total, into the early hours of the morning. We left the club and jumped straight into a taxi, giggling to each other in the back, trying to not disclose too much information to the taxi driver.

When we got back to our hotel we had sex again. Once we went to sleep, we woke up in the middle of the night to go for another round. The night had really sparked another level of desire for one another.

After this experience, every time we’ve travelled to a different country, we’ve been sure to scope out the local sex club. We’ve been to Amsterdam and Stockholm since — both times loving it more than the last. 

Having sex surrounded by horny couples has got us hooked and we plan to keep this travelling tradition up for many years — we’re even eyeing up clubs in the UK. 

When you’re a couple for a long time, you run the risk of things getting boring and sex clubs are a great way of spicing things up every now and then. It’s become a source of fantasy, even when we’re not at a sex club we’re talking about it in bed.

My partner and I already had an excellent sex life, but sex clubs have only helped elevate things in the bedroom.

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