‘Men were always inappropriate with me from such a young age’: Emily Atack admits her first sexual experience was with an 18-year-old boy when she was just 12 as she opens up about abuse

  • The comedian, 33, has filmed a new documentary Emily Atack: Asking For It? 
  • Emily discussed emotional impact of sexually explicit messages she is sent 
  • She also recalled being sexually touched without her consent at parties 
  • Star claims she became involved with an 18-year-old when she was only 12 
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Emily Atack has revealed her first sexual experience was with an 18-year-old boy when she was just 12 in her new documentary. 

The TV presenter, 33, has filmed the new BBC Two special Emily Atack: Asking For It?, where she delves into the graphic and predatory messages she receives from men on social media on an everyday basis.  

Although the online harassments began when Emily was cast as Charlotte Hinchcliffe in The Inbetweeners in 2008, the star says she remembers being ‘scared of men’ as a teenager and recalls being touched without her consent at parties. 

In the hour-long special, which airs on January 31, the star sits down with a group of 16-year-old schoolgirls to hear about their experience of cyberflashing which began for some of them at the age of 11.

All eight girls Emily spoke with confirmed they had received an unwanted ‘d*** pic’ from men on their social media – with one saying her school uniform made her feel ‘more vulnerable than anything else’ she owned. 

Following her conversation with the students, Emily said: ‘It kind of hit me quite hard listening to those girls at school because it really made me reflect on the kind of thing that I went through as a teenager.

‘My first sexual experience with an 18-year-old was [when I was] 12. Men did scare me, they were always inappropriate with me from such a young age.’

‘What I’ve been told in therapy over the years is that I found a way of coping with it and that was by opening myself up to boys and men from a really early age.’

Emily Atack has bravely opened up about the vile messages she is sent by males fans in her new documentary 

Emily says the online harassment began when she bagged a starring role in The Inbetweeners in 2008

Later on in the documentary, Emily opened up to Sexual Violence and Abuse Counseller Theresa Cabot about the discomfort she feels looking back on those experiences now.

Visibly emotional, Emily said: ‘At the time, when I was having sex and using my body to get what I wanted out of a situation, I thought that was sort of what you had to do.

‘I didn’t like it, it was painful. I found myself in situations where I was so drunk and I would wake up and stuff was happening to me… things like that. 

‘I hate myself [for it]. Like, stop causing problems! Just be like all the others kids, like all the other girls. Have other interests other than snogging boys and makeup.’

Emily’s mother Kate (pictured) broke down in tears after reading some of the sexually explicit messages her daughter receives on Instagram on an everyday basis

 Emily with her father Keith Atack. The star has previously said that her ‘whole world collapsed’ following her parents’ separation  

READ MORE: Emily Atack admits she fears being ‘raped and killed’ as she opens up about vile online sexual harassment


Although Emily said she had ‘leaned into the behaviour’ as a teenager, the counseller pointed out that she was in no way to blame for older men taking advantage of her.

Elsewhere in her documentary, the star’s mother Kate Robbins broke down in tears after reading through some of the sexually explicit messages Emily is sent on a daily basis.

The show exposes how one obsessed fan – known only by the username  ‘Daddy Dave’ – sends Emily hundreds of messages on Instagram everyday, telling her that he looks at her pictures while his wife and children are asleep.

What’s more, the star says she wakes up to numerous unsolicited pictures of fans’ penises on social media each morning and will often be asked to send them nude selfies in return.

Having seen some of the messages, Kate said: ‘I didn’t expect it to be so vile. I felt my daughter had been violated and I couldn’t protect you. It was twofold.’

Although Emily admitted she felt ‘sick to her stomach’ for upsetting her mother, the star said she’d been wanting to speak to Kate about the cyberflashing and her early sexual experiences for a long time.

Emily told her mother: ‘I need someone to sit there and say, “this is not your fault that these things happened.”

Kate replied: ‘Are you talking about all the things that have happened to you in your life sexually that shouldn’t have happened?’ 

Emily says speaking to a group of schoolgirls stirred up emotions about what she went through as a teenager

Emily in character as Charlotte Hinchcliffe in 2008. Emily says the online abuse began around this time

‘Yes,’ the star said. ‘I’m really damaged by a lot of it. Really damaged. And I know you’ve struggled to talk about it but it’s important.’

As Emily fought back tears over the ‘uncomfortable’ topic, her mother said: ‘It’s not your fault. I’m just so sorry that [you’ve felt] as though everything has been your fault and it’s obviously not. I was just trying to do things to protect you as a mum.’

In an interview with The Times in December 2020,  Emily explained how her ‘whole world collapsed’ when her parents Kate Robbins and Keith Atack separated after 19 years together in 2006.

The actress admitted she was taken out of high school because she was subjected to bullying, and later became ‘depressed’ before moving in with her older sister Martha. 

She said: ‘I pulled away from Mum, started hanging out with lads and smoking and drinking. I stopped listening and did what I wanted, and by the time I was 14 I was seeing this much older lad.’ 

Emily confessed she ‘latched on’ to her boyfriend after her father left their family home, and was ‘pushed around’ by a group of girls who ‘terrorised’ her for two years over her relationship. 

However, Emily has never specified if this boyfriend was the one who she had a sexual experience with at the age of 12.

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