Horoscope today: Daily guide to what the stars have in store for YOU – November 10, 2023

Mercury’s move into Sagittarius highlights freedom of expression. But the communication planet’s also aligning with restrictive Saturn

Where does that leave us… needing to convey messages but struggling to communicate? It’s a challenge! 

Yet often, frustrations inspire us to find ground-breaking ways to move forwards. 

As Mars opposes Uranus this weekend, if we want to create change, we can!


March 21 – April 20

If we didn’t suffer from physical ailments there’d be no need for a medical profession. If no one did anything wrong, we wouldn’t need a police force. And if we all followed impeccable ethical standards, no one would feel morally superior to anyone. Without the ‘not so good’ things in our world, maybe we wouldn’t need the ‘so good’! You can’t, this weekend, completely define yourself by ‘what you’re not’ and ‘what you don’t do’. But if you’re clear about your boundaries, you can be a force for good in a sticky situation.

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Oscar Cainer (pictured) reminds us that often frustrations inspire us to find ground-breaking ways to move forwards. As Mars opposes Uranus this weekend, if we want to create change, we can


April 21 – May 21

Like everyone else on the planet, astrologers don’t always get everything right. But rather than draw attention to mistakes, they pretend that they meant what they said. And then other astrologers back them up. And before you know it a myth is created. Here’s an example: your sign has a reputation for stubbornness. How could anyone say such a thing? Obviously, this is completely untrue! This weekend, you could choose to live up to that description. Or you could decide to be adaptable. You’ll like what unfolds if you choose the latter!

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May 22 – June 22

Where do all the miserable folk live? Do they get together to formulate ways to spread negativity? If we knew, we could track them down and, who knows… if we bombarded them with positivity, we might manage to change their narrative! It sometimes seems as if some people enjoy being uncooperative, critical and negative. With your ruler changing signs and linking with Saturn, you might find yourself being misunderstood this weekend. But it’s only temporary. Like-minded, positive people are making their way into your world.

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June 23 – July 23

Your prediction starts with a test. Would you mind differentiating between the following: item 1. a small mound of earth, no more than 4 cm high, and approximately 20 cm diameter, found in fields or on lawns. And item 2. a huge chunk of rock, thousands of meters high and several km wide? I’m sure you know exactly where I’m going with this! Yet although the difference between a molehill and a mountain is easy to distinguish visually, it’s not always so easy in reality. Make sure you’re alert to the difference this weekend.

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July 24 – August 23

In old, classic movies it was easy to identify the villains. They were dressed in black (while the goodies wore white). Wouldn’t life be simpler if humans dressed according to their integrity. We’d instantly know who we were dealing with! The only problem is that we’d have to rely on people’s integrity regarding their choice of outfit. Hmmm… that’s probably not going to work! You’re going to have to use your judgment to know if someone’s showing their true colours this weekend. But that shouldn’t be a problem. Follow your intuition.

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August 24 – September 23

Even the brightest people make mistakes. But only fools think that mistakes can’t be turned into positives. You find yourself caught up in a challenging situation. How did you get there? Is it your fault? What are you supposed to do? The first two questions need to be discarded. The third can be answered this weekend. As your ruler changes signs and links with Saturn, you’re in a strong position. You can take steps to unravel a problem and turn a trouble into a triumph. Stop thinking… and start doing. You’ll soon see what to do.

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September 24 – October 23

With Venus (the planet of love and abundance) now settled into your sign, how many miracles can you work this weekend? Although there’s no limit, the truth, is that one will be more than enough. There’s something in your world that you’d love to be able to do. But you’re aware that it’s impossible. That’s not going to change. Yet rather than feeling disheartened, suppose you look for an alternative? That’s where the miracle can occur. There is another option. Take it, and you’ll find that amazing things happen.

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October 24 – November 22

In foggy weather it’s wise to look out for unforeseeable obstacles. It’s obvious… when we can’t see clearly, we need to play it safe. Yet fog itself isn’t unfriendly or difficult. This weekend, if you find yourself feeling mystified by what unfolds, think of yourself as watching a play. The onstage curtain has been lowered so that the people behind-the-scenes can rearrange the set. When it lifts, you’ll be surprised to see what’s altered. But, as the story of your life continues, you’ll be delighted with how the plot continues to unfold.

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Mercury’s move into Sagittarius highlights freedom of expression. But the communication planet’s also aligning with restrictive Saturn (pictured)


November 23 – December 21

With Mercury (ideas and intellect) moving into your sign, you have a chance to go a long way. I’m not talking about a physical voyage. This journey is into the realms of your imagination. About time too! You’ve been stifled for too long. You’ve let various situations dampen your creativity, which has impacted your ability to progress. Here comes an unconventional and unexpected opportunity to widen your horizons. Taking it will cause a degree of upheaval. Some folk might be rattled. But you? You’ll be delighted.

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December 22 – January 20

Our flight/flight response is so finely honed that as soon as we hear a raised voice we go into a state of alert. Who’s shouting? And why? What do they want? Is there a problem? Even if we realise it’s just someone yelling ‘hello’ across a busy street, it takes a moment or two for our bodies to settle back down to normal. This weekend, as Mercury links to your ruler, Saturn, be on the lookout for a positive message that’s delivered in a misleading way. Focus on what you hear (rather than the way it’s being said). It’s good.

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January 21 – February 19

If you’re hoping to keep things running in the same old way, this weekend will be challenging. If you’re determined to resist change, you’re going to struggle. As Mars opposes your ruler, Uranus, it brings a disruptive energy into your world. Thank goodness you’re an innovative Aquarian! Sticking-in-the-mud is not your style! As long as you’re prepared to go with the flow, and respond affirmatively to any surprises, not only will you appreciate the possibilities coming your way, you’ll embark on an adventure that leads to a better future.

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February 20 – March 20

Just because there are so many TV shows available doesn’t mean we’re obliged to watch all of them. While we all have our favourites (that we don’t want to miss) we know, in our heart of hearts, that most of the others are entirely missable. If only we had the same attitude to the deadlines we set ourselves, which churn away, in the back of our minds, interfering with our ability to focus on what we’re doing. This weekend, if you banish a false concern, you’ll be open to an idea that opens a new channel in your world, full of potential.

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