A successful curve model has lifted the lid on the deceitful editing that takes place on Instagram.

Sophie Hughes, 31, started modelling when she was 15, at which point she was a size six.

The British lass worked as a straight-sized model from the ages of 15 to 25. But it was after she had liver surgery to save her nephew's life and gained weight that she became a curve model at 27.

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Sophie uses her Instagram account to inspire other people and show the realities of social media.

After previously suffering from disordered eating for years, the 31-year-old wants to normalise bodies that look different to those that we see on the catwalk.

“Monday morning reminder that what you see on the gram is not reality. Editing can be done in such a way that you don’t even notice the HUNDREDS of changes that have been made,” she recently wrote in an Instagram post.

Sophie uploaded a photo of herself after she’d had her makeup and hair done for a photo shoot with zero filters or tweaks.

Alongside this the posted a photo of herself that she had edited to show people the lengths that some people go to change their appearance.

She continued: “Left ~ me after being in hair and makeup on a shoot. Feeling cute. Zero filter or tweaks.

“Right ~ you ready for this list? It’s WILD. Eyes bigger. Eyes further apart. Eyes whiter. Eyes higher. Eyes greener. Eye bags removed.

“Brows lifted, brows fluffier. Nose slimmer. Nose smaller. Nose lifted. Lips bigger. Lips wider. Lips lower.

“Jaw slimmer. Face slimmer. Skin airbrushed. Freckles and moles removed. Neck lines removed. Filter applied.

“Keep this in mind next time you compare yourself honey and have a beautiful confident day.”

This isn’t the first time that Sophie has spoken about the unrealistic body standards for women on Instagram.

She previously posted a posed photo of herself alongside a different photo where she’s standing naturally and you can see her entire stomach.

“The image on the left still gets the most likes. The image on the left is still the most accepted. The image on the left is how most of us are conditioned to believe that bodies genuinely look. The image on the left is still what we strive for,” she explained.

“And if my grid was filled with images like the left, I’d have more followers. That’s a FACT.

“I COULDN’T BLOODY BREATHE GIRLS, I hold my breath the entire time I take a photo like that, I arch my back so much it practically breaks, I give myself a wedgie so tight it can not be healthy.

“And honestly I’m sad, I’m f*cking sad that holding my body in that way is STILL what the gram wants.”

She continued: “We still have work to do babes, and I will continue to do that work until the image on the right is no longer celebrated, no longer deemed brave, no longer shocking.

“I will continue to do the work until women everywhere truly understand that even the models don’t look like that in real life.”

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Sophie is no stranger to trolling, as she’s been called “obese” and told she’s promoting an unhealthy body image.

The 31-year-old doesn’t let the haters get to her and said she’s going to continue to post whatever she wants online.

She explained that to her, body positivity is about encouraging women to show up however they like.

Some days she may want to post an image where she felt "soft and squishy" and others she way want to post an image where she's "perfectly posed and fierce".

“Both days I don’t deserve to be judged. Both days I don’t need to change a damn thing. Both days I’m showing up exactly as I am," she shared.

“If you want to rock no makeup and share your cellulite and your cute little tummy rolls, you go girl. If you want to show up as the fiercest most beautifully posed version of you, you f***ing go girl.

“You deserve to feel beautiful, you deserve to celebrate your body and you are powerful beyond words however you choose to show up. You are under no obligation to be ANYTHING other than exactly who you are.

“Less judgment, less comparison, more focusing on ourselves and healing our relationships with our bodies however that looks for you.”


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