‘What? Me wearing Crocs?’: Amazon shoppers have been converted by Crocs’ ‘ugly-looking’ shoes that feel like ‘walking on clouds’ – and they’re on sale

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Love them or hate them, Crocs started a comfort revolution worldwide with their rubber shoes.

No longer are they reserved for slipping on when gardening; Crocs have been spotted on the soles of supermodels and fashionable celebrities, too, including Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Justin Bieber.

The Crocs Unisex’s Classic Clogs, will keep your feet comfy and dry as you tend to your flower beds or pop out to the shops, with their conforming footbed with additional arch support.

They’re also easy to wipe clean, and the ventilation holes allow you to add shoe charms for a personalised touch.

Bella, pictured earlier this year opted for a ’90s-inspired black bomber jacket and white crocs while leaving the Forma Pilates studio, a favorite among the stars 

Even fashion house Balenciaga collaborated with Crocs releasing controversial stiletto heels that were branded ‘ugly’, yet quickly sold out on release. 

And right now, the practical and comfortable Crocs Unisex Classic Clogs are on sale with up to 30 per cent off at Amazon. So you can shop the wildly popular shoes for as little as £28.

Offering comfort and support, the easy-to-wear slip-on work clogs will ‘keep you comfy all day’ according to shoppers, who claim they’re so comfortable it feels like ‘walking on clouds’.

A great option for gardeners looking to save their trainers and boots from ruin, Crocs are easy to clean and boast supportive features that make staying on your feet for hours a breeze.

Not only are they great gardening shoes, but they also pair perfectly with loungewear and sportswear.

Justin Bieber, pictured in 2019 wearing gray crocs to run errands in Los Angeles and paired the comfortable footwear with an all gray ensemble 

On Amazon, the Crocs Unisex Classic Clogs have amassed more than a quarter of a million five-star reviews from shoppers who ‘wear them like outdoor slippers’ and hail them ‘the best shoes I have ever ever ever had in my life’.

Even those with a love-hate relationship with Crocs have overcome the negative stigma, purchasing a pair to then declare their newfound love for the shoes.

‘I have always been part of the anti-croc crew… How I was wrong,’ one five-star reviewer shared. ‘I can’t take these off my feet; they are so comfortable; I would sleep in these if my wife wouldn’t divorce me.’

Tristan Thompson was spotted in January outside of his daughter True’s gymnastics class in Los Angeles wearing a purple pair of Crocs

 Brie Larson spotted wearing Crocs last week whilst filming for new Apple TV+ drama Lessons in Chemistry

‘What? Me wearing Crocs?’ a second customer wrote. ‘I’ve been a critic of Crocs for many years, saying that I would never, ever wear those big ugly-looking things as long as I lived.

‘Well, it’s now time to eat humble pie, I kind of ordered them as a laugh cos they were heavily discounted, and I have to say that I am converted.

They are one, if not the comfiest, lightest pairs of shoes that I have ever bought. They will never be classed as beautiful shoes, but by goodness, they are comfy.’

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