Cringe! Disastrous designs that show marketing can REALLY get it wrong – from a cannibalistic menu to ‘mouldy’ looking bread

  • US site Bored Panda has collected some of the most cringe-worthy designs 
  • From a penis shaped pool to a gardening tool named after Covid-19
  • One US Baptist church was in poor taste with their advertising 

 Marketing can be a tricky business, and sometimes, what seems like a great idea ten years ago can age badly. 

These disastrous ideas are less grand designs and more disastrous designs, proving that advertisers don’t always get it right.

People from around the world have been sharing the hilarious designs which show how badly wrong it can go – with US viral gallery site Bored Panda collating a few of the most shocking. 

From a corona themed garden tool that ‘comes back season after season’, to a graphic swimming pool, some of these ideas weren’t well thought through. 

Here are Femail’s top picks of bad designs… 

We would but we don’t think they taste very nice! This US restaurant has an unfortunate menu placement, either that or an unfortunate menu….

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We bet these students looked back in bitter irony: This US graduation calendar didn’t age well, but it wasn’t entirely wrong…

This picture, from the UK, shows an unfortunate cloud design that ended up tricking the customer into thinking that their bread was covering in mould 

The BJ guy, for all your landscaping needs… This picture, taken in the UK shows the unfortunate initials of a local gardening firm

The worst kids party ever: This US party company probably has nothing to do with male stripping – but the moniker has been claimed by Channing Tatum and his troupe of dancers

These leggings may be marketed as ‘sausage dog appreciation’ trousers, but some social media users couldn’t help but point out the illustration looked a little rude  

This US brand name didn’t age very well, and its true – corona does come back season after season….

The signage in this massage parlour, in the US, could be a little more clear with details of back and foot rubs 

This likely intentional brand name for a US peanut butter company doesn’t sound appetizing when you look at the colour

One church appeared to approach marketing their services with an unusual tactic of showing a child covered in kisses  

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