It's safe to say that everyone has their dating preferences.

From fancying the pants off someone with tattoos to falling head over heels with curvy goddesses – it's ok to have a type.

And that doesn't exclude those in their later years of life.

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Many older women have got their eyes set on younger lads and want them to be their lover.

There is one particular place in the UK that has now been dubbed the 'cougar capital'.

Drum roll please…

Eastbourne has been crowned the town where the most grannies are looking for a toyboy.

That's right, the East Sussex seaside resort is home to the most cougars than anywhere else in the UK.

According to a dating website, they found that 16.2% of women over 40 in Eastbourne are looking for a hot young lad.

The population in Eastbourne is a little older in age than other places, as 20% are aged 50 to 64 and a quarter are aged 65 and over.

“We discovered a high concentration of single older women actively looking for toyboys in the Eastbourne area," David Minns, founder of age gap dating app told The Sun.

"It has the highest number of logins by older women by geographical size than anywhere else.”

But why is Eastbourne such a cougar hotspot?

Well, expert Emma Kenny explained to The Sun that Eastbourne is "typical of posh areas where older ladies are likely to live."

"There is a new sense of liberation among women over 40," she added.

"These are confident women in control of their lives and relationships.”

Eastbourne isn't the only place to attract cougars in their droves.

Although the coastal town takes the title, the following hotspots are: Hampstead, North London, and after that, Pinner, North West London.

However, mature ladies in the US have been getting their taste of cougar life too.

Self-proclaimed 'hot' mum Christine, from Arizona, admitted that she likes to date younger lads – and their dads.

Elsewhere, sexy step mum revealed that she likes to give 18-year-olds a chance – and a meeting with one left her panting.


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