If you’re not a fan of winter simply because of the frigid temperatures, you’re not alone. No one likes tensing up as soon as the cold air hits their skin. Fun fact: there are only 1 in 10 Americans who enjoy winter. However, some items can help you get through the most hated season in the country. We’ve rounded up five space heaters to keep you warm and toasty this year. (Psst! These are also great to bring to work if the A/C is always blasting during the summer.)

SOLUS Smart Infrared Heater, on sale for $328.95 (19% off)

When the cold is creeping into your home, look toward this infrared heater that can heat up any space with up to 30% less energy than a standard space heater and much nicer looks to boot. You can control the SOLUS from a mobile app and set a schedule on a room-by-room basis.

Plug N’ Heat Personal Space Heater, on sale for $29.99 (62% off)

This tiny but mighty space heater plugs right into any wall outlet for your convenience. It has a remote control, 360° rotation, and a quiet 2-speed fan to keep you cozy.

iPM Q9 1,000W Space Heater, on sale for $59.95 (40% off)

You won’t need to envy those with a fireplace when you have this cozy heater with a wood-burning flame effect. You can control it mechanically or with a remote and it’s freestanding, so you can set it up anywhere in your house.

Cool-to-Touch Digi Heater, on sale for $34.99 (49% off)

You can bring this heater into any room of your house to stay warm, even a kids’ room, thanks to its cool-to-the-touch design. Just plug it into a nearby outlet and adjust the temperature as needed.

Värme Portable Air Heater with Detachable Hand Warmer, on sale for $84.99 (14% off)

This unique heater will heat up in 3 seconds! It has adjustable airflow, turns off automatically after 4 hours, and operates quietly. It also comes with a detachable hand warmer designed to keep your hands, well, warm no matter what you’re doing.

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