Do you want to be rich next week? Investment banker turned clairvoyant claims this unusual ‘ritual’ will make you money – with some clients later reporting $19,000 pay days

  • Danya Gamliel, 34, ditched her job in finance to be a full time psychic
  • The witchy woman comes from a long-line of clairvoyants on her mum’s side 
  • She practices white magic – and does rituals  for love, money and fertility

Danya Gamliel is a 4th generation psychic who specialises in love, fertility and money

A high flying investment banker has revealed how she left her lucrative day job crunching numbers to get back to her ‘witch’ roots, and claims to help clients get rich by performing a ‘ritual’ when there’s a new moon. 

Danya Gamliel, 34, found the instructions for the apparent money-making ceremony hidden in the pages of her grandmother’s spell book during a desperate search for something that would help her land her dream job.

The unusual ritual involves putting the seeds of three pomegranates into a bowl, lighting white and green candles for ‘protection and abundance’ and repeating a chant out loud. 

Speaking to FEMAIL, the 4th-generation psychic claimed it worked so well she does it every new moon to this day.

‘I find the energy from this ritual is strongest in the first few days, and quite powerful for two weeks before it gets weaker,’ she claimed.

‘Usually people will notice some windfall within a day or two of the ceremony, some people have messaged me to say they have had new job offers or a huge lump sum dropped into their account.’

The 34-year-old, pictured with her husband Kfir and their son, has been working as a psychic full time for two years

Danya’s grandmother Eva Royzenkrants (pictured, left) gave her the ritual book along with a packet of cards she uses for divination (right)

In the chant Danya ‘calls for abundance and asks for it to be delivered without harm’.

‘It is really important to call for abundance without harm, we don’t want to hurt anyone,’ she said.


Will you be trying the money making ritual this new moon?

Will you be trying the money making ritual this new moon?

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‘It will often be a note from the bank saying you paid too much for something or a bump in your salary,’ she said.

She claims the harm aspect of the chant would help stop any unwelcome source of extra cash, such as the death of a family member.

‘When I first started finding bits and pieces I wondered whether it was coincidence, but after doing this for hundreds of people and seeing their results it is easy to see power at work,’ she said.

Danya said she never paid attention to her grandmother’s spell book or her strong psychic abilities until she was desperate for work once she finished university.

Before long, with the help of what she calls ‘white magic’, Danya had worked her way up the ladder, and was ‘proud of her salary’.

‘I was managing the assets of some of Australia’s wealthiest families,’ she said.

Danya pictured here with her mother Anna Ferdman and grandmother Eva at her wedding to Kfir

About the financial abundance ritual and how to do it at home: 

This is a ritual for financial abundance

Relevant for an increase in salary, sale or acquisition of an asset, extra funds to come through from miscellaneous sources and business growth. 

Ritual process: To be completed at the new moon

1 – Take seeds from three pomegranates and place them in a bowl. Surround them with salt and white tea-light candles for protection.

 2 – Chant the following three times:

‘I (name) have abundance, wealth and financial success – this comes easily to me, financial freedom, independence and empowerment are held within me and this is harmonious with all the other wishes and desires of my life. Protect me and ensure that I have love, health and happiness in alignment with my financial abundance and financial ambitions. Protect me and mine with love and light’. (this can be changed if you are doing the chant for others).

3 – Take the pomegranate seeds and scatter in a fertile park amongst the trees and plants.

4 – On the same day as you scatter the seeds return to close off the ritual by repeating the chant above again for each participant. This ceremony is completed with green and white tea candles. Green represents wealth and money while white represents harmony and protection.

5 – The ritual works quickly and the most lucrative days are within a week of its completion. 

Why pomegranate? They are an ancient fruit which represent abundance across many cultures and are often eaten by the very wealthy. 


As a result it was a shock to many when she decided to quit her hard-earned, high-powered job to follow in the footsteps of her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

She now offers advice and rituals for love, money and fertility.

‘Money is the most measurable one – the one you can really find evidence on – it is more tangible,’ she said.

Danya plans to pass her multi-generational skills on, if her kids are interested in learning them.

Danya works with love, money and fertility – and does her reading over email

The psychic gets inundated with thankyou messages every time she completes a ritual

She offers reading but says rituals are able to be applied to more than one person, making them more time effective.

‘There is also more power in rituals for the collective,’ she said.

Danya only offers the abundance ritual every few months, however has revealed how to do it at home.

She will be doing a ritual to help people find love next month and admits to trying it a few times before meeting her husband Kfir. 

The next full moon falls on July 28.

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