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“Law & Order: Organized Crime” star Christopher Meloni, known for playing Detective Elliot Stabler, wants to thank fans for making him a sex symbol.

During an appearance at the 92Y this week, things got off to a cheeky start when moderator, TVLine’s Michael Ausiello, kicked things off by joking, “We are here to talk about Chris’ ass. For the full hour!”

Meloni was the talk of Twitter in April when a picture of his juicy backside taken while filming went viral.

“I don’t know [whose] birthday it is but [Meloni] is serving cake for dinner,” said one social media user. “I just want to fall asleep while resting my head on Chris Meloni’s juicy cakes. Is that too much to ask?” Tweeted another.

But, he’s embracing the fanfare saying of audiences, “now at age 60, they welcomed me back, they tuned in, I got on the cover of Men’s Health!”

Meloni appeared naked on the cover in August, holding a strategically placed weight.

He also revealed during the talk that Julia Roberts was apparently the first Meloni stan helping him get a role in 1999’s “Runaway Bride” by complimenting him during the screen test saying, “Aren’t you the cutest thing ever?” in front director Garry Marshall.

But he hasn’t forgotten his humble roots, growing emotional when asked to name his favorite elementary schoolteachers. “I was a rambunctious kid, but they both saw something [in me],” Meloni said. “It’s a very powerful thing. It’s obvious, you know, it’s 55 years later.”

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