A mum who has been labelled “Britain’s most hated woman” because of her controversial past has revealed that her son has begged her to quit OnlyFans.

Carla Bellucci said it was “heartbreaking” how badly her mortified 15-year-old boy wants her to ditch the saucy subscription site.

The former glamour model does not post explicit content but being attached to a platform used by sex workers has caused tension at home.

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Carla, infamous for blagging a nose job by faking depression, opened up to the Daily Star about the family conflict.

She said: “I know it sounds hypocritical coming from me but I need to come off OnlyFans because my son is now 15 and I will be honest, he wants me to stop doing it.

“He begs me nearly every day to get off OnlyFans and we have conversations.

“Jayden likes the money, the rewards and the holidays but he hates the thought of me being on there. I’m not going to lie any longer, my son hates it.”

During the pandemic Carla was pocketing up to £40,000 a month on the site.

But in May she revealed her intentions to retire her page, which she has run for two years, by the end of 2022.

And the mum-of-four said that decision was influenced by her son.

She said: “It breaks my heart in some ways and it makes me feel crap but I don’t post porn on there.

“Jayden said to me yesterday that the site is related to porn and he knows I don’t do that but he’s a really smart kid and he knows it has a stigma.

“That’s why he wants me off it. He recently said 'mum, if you want to get into the Big Brother house you need to come off OnlyFans'.”

But despite her son’s wishes, Carla said it wasn’t as simple as just quitting.

She explained: “I keep promising I will but it’s just the money. I have another holiday coming up, I’m going to Egypt in a few months, do you know what I mean?

“It’s just so hard because of the money. I will admit that I’m stuck because of the cash with the cost of living crisis.”

Carla said the income she has earned online has supported her loved ones who she lives with in a big four-bedroom house in Hitchin, Herts.

She also treats her kids to new trainers and luxury holidays and she said her children have enjoyed a “big change in their lifestyle”.

But she recently spoke about why she wanted to stop doing OnlyFans aged 41 while she was still in demand.

She said: “I’m just done and I want to go out with a bang and not go out really old. I want to go out while I’m still on top.

“I am getting older and you do think how long you can keep going for.”


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