One of Britain’s first gay dads, 50, announces he is ‘so excited’ to welcome ANOTHER child to his huge family with his toyboy fiancé, 27, (who’s his daughter’s ex boyfriend!)

  • Barrie Drewett-Barlow and ex-husband Tony were Britain’s first gay dads
  • UK’s first gay dad welcomed twins Saffron and Aspen in 1999 with ex Tony, 56
  • He has welcomed his seventh child Romeo with his fiance Scott Hutchinson
  • Romeo is the couple’s second child after the birth of their daughter Valentina

One of Britain’s first gay dads has announced the birth of his son with his toyboy fiancé. 

Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, 51, made history with his then partner Tony Drewitt-Barlow in 1999, when they became the first gay couple to be registered as parents after welcoming twins Saffron and Aspen via surrogacy, followed by a son, Orlando.  

Father-of-six Barrie, separated from Tony in 2019 and got together with his new fiancé Scott Hutchinson, 25, who used to date his daughter, with the pair welcoming a daughter Valentina in October 2020. 

However the multimillionaire has now revealed announced the birth of his son 7lb 13oz Romeo. 

The multi-millionaire, from Manchester, now has seven children and as gay dad is looking forward to his live-in ex husband Tony having another one too. 

Scott and Barrie live in a £10million mansion with Barrie’s ex-husband Drewitt-Barlow, 57, the father to his other five children. 

Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, (right) one half of Britain’s first gay dads, has announced the birth of 7lb 13oz Romeo, with his fiance Scott Hutchinson (left)

The Mirror reports that Tony now also wants a child with his new partner Brent. 

Barrie, who became Britain’s first gay dad in 1999, does have another son named Collin, from a brief heterosexual relationship when he was younger. 

He said: ‘We are so excited to announce we have a new member of our family. I love being a dad more than anything.’

It is almost two years since Scott and Barrie’s youngest child Valentina was born, and with the age difference between her and the his other children, the couple thought it would be a great idea to have her grow up with a sibling more her own age.   

The couple live with Barrie’s ex-husband Tony in a San Francisco mansion with their other six children 

It is rumoured that Tony will use the same surrogate mother who his ex-husband used for new baby Romeo. 

The couple will mix up their sperm so it is unknown who the biological dad is, just like they have done in the past in previous relationships. 

Romeo joins his six siblings – Saffron and Aspen, 23, Orlando, 18, Jasper and Dallas, 11 and Valentina 2.

All seven children will be brought up under the same roof in the family’s San Francisco home. 

Tony and Barrie are pictured here with Aspen and Saffron. They pair still live together after splitting in 2019 when Barrie started dating Scott 

Barrie and Tony (pictured) are said to be worth £100 million after they built up medical research company Euroderm and relocated to the USA

They are currently building a £6million mansion in Essex, with an underfloor aquarium. 

Barrie revealed that Romeo’s birth was concerning as they tried to turn him as he was in the wrong position and they ended up having a caesarean. 

He said: ‘I don’t think I could do this again.’ 

Barrie and Tony, who are worth an estimated £175m made history in 1999 after they became Europe’s first same-sex couple to use a surrogate.

After a court battle, they were named as ‘parent one’ and ‘parent two’ instead of mother and father on the birth certificate.

In 2004, they welcomed Orlando and in 2011 twins Jasper and Dallas.

Barrie and Tony made history in 1999 with the birth of their twins Aspen and Saffron, now 23, making them Britain’s first gay dads 

Barrie and Tony separated in 2019, and shortly afterwards Barrie began dating Scott.

The couple, who are planning a lavish wedding in the next year, had Valentina in 2020.

They had originally planned to apply to also have Tony named on Romeo’s birth certificate, become the first ‘throuple’ parents, as Tony also donated sperm. 

However, Tony and Brent will now be named godparents instead.    

In the months leading up to Romeo’s birth Barrie had been in Japan setting up a new clinic for their clinical research company. 

He arrived in San Francisco only three days before the baby’s due date. 

Barrie told the Mirror that Saffron had spent over £10,000 on baby clothes for Romeo and bought a Versace stroller for £3,700

He revealed that because they had Saffron and Aspen with them, they splashed the cash on baby shopping.  

 He described how Saffron spent over £10,000 on baby clothes for her new brother and a Versace stroller for £3,700. 

Romeo’s first outfit is a newborn baby Gucci that Scott bought – he also has a selection of Gucci and Burberry clothes among other designer brands. 

Barrie revealed that his whole family were excited to meet the new arrival. 

He also told the Mirror that the first person he called to share the happy news was Tony. 

Barrie and Tony are said to be worth £100 million after they built up medical research company Euroderm and relocated to the USA.

Despite separating in 2019, Barrie and Tony still share a £6million, 10-bedroom mansion in Florida.

Barrie and Scott with Valentina. They have shared that Tony will use the same surrogate to have a child with his partner 

Scott and Barrie welcomed their first child Valentina two years ago and wanted her to grow up with a sibling closer to her age. She is pictured here with Scott 

Barrie and fiancé Scott live in one wing of the mansion and Tony and his new partner Brent live in another part of it.

They all see themselves as a family bubble, loving and happy and have said that they each man gave their new relationships their blessing.

Their separation has not been bitter and Barrie and Tony are still best friends who want to be there for their children.

The children think it is ‘awesome’ to have siblings who have been on ice for over 22 years.

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